Monday, January 18, 2010

Your Working Me?

Its 9.45am I want to have a shower, but got hit about 20 minutes ago, and can't do anything, just after this got told "did I knock you around, go and have your shower if you can you slut", as I said its one main word in its little vocabulary is "slut", you really think it would expand, maybe someone will buy IT a dictionary and IT can come up to the rest of the world.
Last night when I let the dog out to do what he wanted to do as I walked out the back there was a large bright white square light flashed past me across the wall. Whatever it was it knocked me flying just as this has done now. They also said don't try finding it we swap it around.
Interesting word. "slut" Last year I had the camera at the window one night, when I popped it onto the computer to check it, was suprised at what showed up. Someone had been standing behind my fence saying "Is she in there, is the slut in there" it was dark so couldn't se them on the vid, but just after that was said I heard the front door to next doors close, seeing it was fairly late and there were no other sounds coming from the street whatsoever, can only assume it was them. They were friends of the people living in there now. Seeing this has followed me each place I have lived for a long time, yes they have to be gangstalkers. Don't have to be that clever to add 2 and 2. Over W.Aust it was the people next door who used to stand outside my unit saying "Is he in there, is he by himself, lets go for a walk". Well unbelievable, I've progressed from a he to a she. You wouldn't want to be the type that got confused easy would you? Being a mother and a grandmother guess I know what I am, sure don't need any retard having a guess.
They've also been going on and on over the last few days with "I'm working you, I'm working you". "I'm talking you into the ground" Your working me?

She said one time "No paedophile of mine's going online" NO PAEDOPHILE OF HERS? Paedophile?? Your bloody cracked, I'm definately not yours anyway, in any shape way or form, your demented. What planet are you from, bit of luck they'll blast you right back into space where you belong. (I have added this a few days later, The next time I went out the front after this, I got hit really hard by something, wanted to go to the shops, but by the time I got down there was too sick to get what I wanted)
Interesting, people who were self sufficient, self supporting, have to be pulled into line by those who never were or will be.

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