Sunday, January 31, 2010

An Excellent Read On Gangstalking.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Are You Tasting It.

9.15pm Get asked "Are you tasting it you slut", yes I was definately tasting something, like pesticides. After this she says "Yeah well I'm never going to shutup".
Then says "Well I said you were the bloody sick one bitch and now you've gone and
...yeah well your supposed to be a schizo". She's absolutely mental. In the early hours of this morning she's going off "Its your medicine, yours, not mine". I guess its definately hers, she wants other people to take it for her. She comes out with "goody goody goody your going to die" I had started to look at images for art, and they had said to me before "Do your art and your dead". Must be so sad not to have anything else to knock around, try your bloody self.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Stalking Videos

At 2 seconds you can hear him whisper "Cheep Cheep Killed da whore". This is recorded in my home, no one else here.

This one they say something then "farking knock shop.


This one at 6 seconds he says really quickly "Kill her".

This one you can hear and then see the projectiles flying at my dog. He has been hit so many times. They also have said something to him I can't work it out. He doesn't go into the back yard now only to do what he has to do. We are getting hit so many times now and chemical attacks also, we don't get to do anything at all through the day. And the majority of it is spent on the floor for both of us. Most of the night is spent outside as you just can't breathe in here from chemical attacks.

The photo I took one night when you couldn't breathe in here, sparks flew up every where.
Trying to stay in here again is unreal and feel dizzy every time I try and walk around..
The hissing in here this morning after 4am was unreal, then they had the cheek to ask "Can you hear the hiss".
My computer gets turned off, and gets frozen quite often now, and back to playing with the mouse, try and pull it one way and it goes the other way, so whacker the hackers back on and at work again. Nothing wrong with the mouse, its a new one, I got it to see if it would make a difference. But no its them.

Monday, January 25, 2010

High Pressure Squirt Guns

Once again forced outside last night, I stayed out the back for awhile, had no choice, and then in the early hours of the morning went and slept in my car, was funny about 3.30 am got told "I'm going to bed now", and straight away the light went out in the neighbours front bedroom. While sitting out the back I heard something drop into my ceiling, if I thought it was bad inside before that, it was shocking after. I went in to make a coffee, couldn't finish it, took about 3 times of going into the kitchen, each time nearly passing out, before I got to finally get one. While I was sitting out there drinking it I saw a shot of light fly past and just about hit the neighbour on the other sides air vent in the wall. It took me a couple of secs to realise it wasn't a laser as I thought but a shot of fluid flying past. It had obviously come from one of those high power water pistols you can buy. I went out the front later and sat in the car as couldn't stay out the back any longer, and while sitting in my car saw exactly the same thing go right across right to the open window of one of my bedrooms. The one out the back I have seen before and always assumed it was a laser shot at the next door neighbour, from the photos I have got before, now I am wondering how many have not been. The fluid is not clear, so it isn't just water, but a murky white fluid colour, or shows up that colour in the night. Most times before it has mainly been the kitchen that has been the worst, not being able to go in there at all, last night it was every room in the house. After hearing the first drop in the ceiling, about 15 minutes later there was another one. Going back about 3 weeks ago I had said to me "What happens when you run out of rooms to go into." Well true to the words it happened. While sitting out the back got "Get your art and get out, leave everything else for me".
Once again I tried to get into the garage last night to get some milk and cool drink, my mouth was so fuzzy and dry, and I felt really sick, but after two attempts driving there and back, had to give it up and drink the water in the car, and the powdered milk at home. I was also very slow in picking up the meaning of what was meant when they said "bombs away girls". They meant pesticide bombs.
The photo above, this guy can shoot 50 feet.

I have put this list of his obsessed "your dead" threats on, this is going over some months.

Show your face outside and your dead
Do your art and your dead
Go near that door again and your dead.
Hello dead bitch
I see one dead Cu*t coming down the road.
Go out and your dead
Look at that photo again and your dead, got a bit mixed up with that one they did, it was a portrait I drew of someone and not a photo.
If I find anyone else in that bed with you I'll fucking kill you.
Go into your computer room and your dead.
Post that letter and your dead, this was one I sent of somewhere reporting some of this.
Die quietly you bitch.
Die clean you Bitch.
Piss off and die some where else you bitch, before I moved in here.
After moving in here, Your not moving, your not staying here, your just going to lay down and die.
Is she dead yet.
Oh and now just yesterday, have a shower and your dead.

Early hours of the next morning now, there has hardly been any chemical attack today, I actually got to stand up and have a shower, and get to the shop and back ok in one go. Plus cook something for tea. But tonight they are back to the non-stop hissing and the heat etc to go with it, and feeling of burns on my body. As I walked through to put this on, got told "Well back to the chemicals, you'll get it one way or another". And oh boy, I did some art, and did they start. As she has said before "Every time you want to do something I'm turning it on".

Saturday, January 23, 2010


In the early hours of this morning I got told "Go in your computer room again and your dead. I put it on the video at that time. Today when I went in to the computer room, I thought I would record when I was going in there, and I was ok. It didn't take long to be tasting a chemical taste in there and wasnt long before I had to leave the room. I am tasting it again now. Just after the earlier lot they said "Go on taste that one you slut, I just want you dead".
I remember back quite some time ago they said "Your going to be on medication the rest of your life". Not that long after moving in here, the third lot of tennants moved in, I started getting told "We can make it all chemical if you like try fighting that". They did exactly that. Then with the fourth lot of tennants (they know the third lot). I was sitting in my computer room one day and got "Hey ambipur slut there's your medication, I give you mine, what's it taste like," I had to leave the room quickly. And within about 10 minutes felt very sick.
Not long after that piece of shit from them they come out with "Your not having the t.v., or your art, or the computer, just bloody die quietly." And she wants to SEE me "Run from room to room"

It said to me one day "I'm going to turn it on every time you want to do something". This is exactly what happens EVERY single time I want to do something, the hissig starts in here. Trying to watch a movie or do anything at all with this going on continually is unreal. Its so hard to believe anything so UGLY is really around on this earth. To live your life so eaten up must be very sad indeed.
One of the things I find very sad with her is her from room to room routine She starts in one room one way and then when I walk to another she says "Now I'm going to change and be different in this room". And so on in different rooms. The other incredible thing is how when these messages come in the phone flickers, It also flickers when I talk to it. I have put videos of this on before and have more to put on. A talking flickering phone, how clever. going back awhile ago they said "One or two more and she's done".They think they're very clever the way they do it and then when it starts to come through into here usually say "Whats that taste like slut". There knowledge of the English language is limited. Like themselves. Then they come out with "Well your not doing your art you slut". So, now we know that anyone that does art is a slut.

I have put the next video on of my dog, nearly 4 days now he has just lain on the lounge or floor I would say he has had only a few hours in that time up and around. The chemicals have been affecting him also.

Friday, January 22, 2010


There has been a constant hiss in here since yesterday, this is to do with their "new way of getting me out." After awhile you have to leave the room your in, as you start to feel like your going to have a stroke, with numbness spreading through your arm, and your co-ordination not as good.
At the same time saying "You've got us you fucking pig, get out".
I spent a total of 10 hours yesterday on the floor, before I could stand up. Today they said "Now you're going to vomit every day", which I have been retching for the last couple. The taste once again is chemical. They seem to think it is quite funny and come out with "You could just die quietely." Aren't they so bloody funny.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Spending my life on my backside.

It has been about 4 hours now since I have been able to stand up, we just had another chemical taste right through the house again, this one may have come right through the window, as my dog barked at the front door just before I tasted it in the room. It has been non-stop today, they are desperate because they have been exposed in some ways. Today has been spent moving around on my backside most of the day I haven't been able to stand up without starting to pass out. I called my dog a couple of times because I couldn't make it to him, he didn't come a couple of times so I guess he couldn't make it to me either. This reminds me a lot of a blog called e-abuse, the last blog I read of hers she was saying she couldn't breathe any more, there weren't any more entries after that one and it was made private.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Yes they even said that to me.
They are sure making that hard to do. More chemical attacks today. I actually got to have a short shower standing up, but by the time it came to dry myself ended up on the floor doing it. Wanted to wash my hair, but that will have to be done later. Showers in shifts, unbelievable isn't it.
What have I got to get done today? Oh I got to feed my dog this morning, have a quick shower, very quick, put a post on and answer an email. My hearts ready to give its big jump now. My hands are shaking.
I looked at a couple of art sites today and she comes out with "You can look just don't try to paint".
They also said "You only had to go back in one more time" REALLY? Oh I didn't satisfy your bloody wishes, so whats next on the list. I know what your doing. She also said "Your going to go crazy before you die".
Now they are trying to make it so I can't look after myself, look after my dog, do my housework or my shopping have any hobbies (lost interest in things you enjoy??)go into my garden and do any gardening, play with my dog or walks, hearts pounding too much most of the time can hardly stand up these days. Force her out of the home all hours of the day or night through chemicals or whatever other filth they can do, so your driving up and down the bloody highway, streets, oh using more petrol that way also (another way of added costs) shopping at the garage and not the supermarket, costs more, dragging the poor dog with me, cause you sure can't leave him at home with what they're putting into here. Hey fuckwits anything left out?
Power of attorney, she loves talking about that one don't you.
After they said that one last time, they came back with "Oh let the state have you then".
I woke one morning to someone asking me my passwords and my banking details, I was giving the information out. She said straight away 'thats for when I have Power of Attorney over you.'
I used to wonder about some of the things they could do, but when you research its amazing what can be done. I know some of it was done by a program running on my computer and also the use of microsoft Mary, Mike and Sam.

The Computer Room.

These two photos were taken of my computer room, the heat in there had been unbelievable, no filters or anything were used and there's nothing wrong with the camera. The other photo of cracks in the wall I took the next day, there had been no cracks the day before, they just opened up after that. The cyberstalking little freak is on the computer right now. (Hey out of interest mate how are the gumtree ads going?)
Out of curiosity I wonder where we're supposed to sleep tonight, its already incredibly hard to breathe in here, and just had what felt like a bit of infrasound to nuke our heads. Oh silly me, where not supposed to sleep anywhere are we. Up yours. They said to me the other day "Don't try looking for it we're moving it around." Aren't they incredibly clever, and oh so brave. What half wit can''t hide somewhere and do this to someone.
Wanted to do my shopping today, but lately trying to do anything is a miracle. I managed to get some bills paid, my dogs food arrived so got that fixed up and paid for. But when it came to going out again and shopping, I walked out the front door, and then got hit so hard by something I ended up parked outside the doctors surgery til I felt a bit better, when I first got there I felt even too sick to get out of the car and go in. The dizziness to go with it was unreal. Needless to say the shopping didn't get done. They seem to have a list they go through of denial of everything. Later I went to the garage, but by the time I got there also I had to wait awhile and turn around and come back home. The second try later got to go in and get what I wanted. Naturally it costs more to shop this way, whole idea. They work everything out in advance. They always have. I knew yesterday when she kept saying "Enjoy your shopping day", that it was going to be as she calls it "An Endurance Test".
"She goes on and on "I'm talking you into the ground, I'm talking you into the ground". Jeez this low bitch would talk anyone into the bloody ground.
Anyway, enough rambling on, I think they like it too much.


This is what I woke up to this morning, being said over and over. Mental. Now they can get something straight, (as they say the more I put on the more they will give me.) The more of your bloody filth you give me, the bloody more I will put on to. Your bloody sad. I think its the other way round, You don't start on pedophiles.
Hey I'm just going to sit here and take what you dish out and say thanks? Your seriously bent and you know it.
Whats that on my dog, oh its a laser, he's pot shot to hey, is he a paedophile to you sack of shit? Got other photos where the lasers are right in his eyes. Wow you got to be real tough to hide and laser a dog don't you. Your a couple of freaks nothing more.

Welcome to the days of Electronic Warfare in Australia..

Ultrasonic Devices

Sonic Nausea Device

Great little electronic device that can be used to clear out those guests that never want to leave long after the party is over. This same basic design is being employed in the UK for discouraging people from congesting near target areas, where it is licensed under the name “the mosquito”!

Easily hidden circuit produces high pitch sounds that are hard to locate. Operates on a 9 volt battery.

$50.00 to make someones life unbearable, so easily hidden, and only need to change the battery on it, most people wouldn't even know it was there if hidden well. They would just be wondering why they felt sick etc, all the time.

They also have some with their own generators, what a nifty tool to pop in someones ceiling if you wanted, with a remote to go with it couldn't you have some fun. Also come with different power setting, suppose it depends on just how much of a sadist you really are.

The amazing thing is how easily the plans to these things are on the internet.

Over the last few days I have been writing how I'm getting "boinged" nuked through the head again, its the only way I know how to describe it. Hey, looking this up they even have one called the "boing boing" and thats exactly what it does. Nuke people through the head.

I have a whopping headache after the last attack, need some pain killers.

This is how these sick little bastards are getting their kicks, can you believe. Comments from them like "Can I wallop her now". Always knew I paid my taxes all my life for something, now I know what hey. How many are you funding?

Jeez you got to give them something, they don't run out of ideas or get bored. Am averaging about 1-2 hits a day, so don't have to worry about too many people finding out about this kind of thing going on.

Ultrasonic and Infrasound Devices.

Phasor Pain And Shock Field. Photo on the left.

Sonic Nausea Generator


This came from the same little bitch who I heard say one time when I went out the front "Where did she get her energy from?"
So nice to know in Australia murder can be got away with because someone's "the entertainment" as they said.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Sit down showers?

11.47am I got to have half a shower if you call it that, I had to sit down to have it though, I couldn't stand. So in the last week I have had to make coffee sitting on the floor of my kitchen then being told to crawl across the floor if I want a coffee, and today being told to go and have a shower if you can, having to sit in the bath to have it. Anyone would think these perverted idiots are getting there jollies of by watching their torture campaigns live, oh shit wait a minute I think I have proof of illegal surveillance in my home. Let me find the videos. While I am being told "Your dead". Your sick, stalkers are amongst the sickest people on the planet.
The photo I took when I went outside, this came straight at me. No lights at all anywhere.

This vid I was woken up by their usual shit, picked my camera up and started taping and the familiar click click. Now how do they know when to do that? I'll let you work it out yourself.

This ones cute, it really is, I have a phone that the face on it flickers each time I speak, or WTF even better still, it flickers after their subliminal messages to me also. But I really need to get another video of my bloody computer IT DOES THE SAME THING.

Another beauty, hit while walking through my house, you can hear it soon as vid starts.
My poor dog is knocked out on the lounge, he's been that way for about an hour now also. And from past experience with this filth he'll be there quite awhile yet. The same as myself on the floor.
There has been once again strong chemical taste through here, I just tried to stand to get away from it and for my dog and started to pass out and ended up on the floor again.

Your Working Me?

Its 9.45am I want to have a shower, but got hit about 20 minutes ago, and can't do anything, just after this got told "did I knock you around, go and have your shower if you can you slut", as I said its one main word in its little vocabulary is "slut", you really think it would expand, maybe someone will buy IT a dictionary and IT can come up to the rest of the world.
Last night when I let the dog out to do what he wanted to do as I walked out the back there was a large bright white square light flashed past me across the wall. Whatever it was it knocked me flying just as this has done now. They also said don't try finding it we swap it around.
Interesting word. "slut" Last year I had the camera at the window one night, when I popped it onto the computer to check it, was suprised at what showed up. Someone had been standing behind my fence saying "Is she in there, is the slut in there" it was dark so couldn't se them on the vid, but just after that was said I heard the front door to next doors close, seeing it was fairly late and there were no other sounds coming from the street whatsoever, can only assume it was them. They were friends of the people living in there now. Seeing this has followed me each place I have lived for a long time, yes they have to be gangstalkers. Don't have to be that clever to add 2 and 2. Over W.Aust it was the people next door who used to stand outside my unit saying "Is he in there, is he by himself, lets go for a walk". Well unbelievable, I've progressed from a he to a she. You wouldn't want to be the type that got confused easy would you? Being a mother and a grandmother guess I know what I am, sure don't need any retard having a guess.
They've also been going on and on over the last few days with "I'm working you, I'm working you". "I'm talking you into the ground" Your working me?

She said one time "No paedophile of mine's going online" NO PAEDOPHILE OF HERS? Paedophile?? Your bloody cracked, I'm definately not yours anyway, in any shape way or form, your demented. What planet are you from, bit of luck they'll blast you right back into space where you belong. (I have added this a few days later, The next time I went out the front after this, I got hit really hard by something, wanted to go to the shops, but by the time I got down there was too sick to get what I wanted)
Interesting, people who were self sufficient, self supporting, have to be pulled into line by those who never were or will be.

Microwave weapons.

It appears they have a couple of ways they think they are "Getting me out", today my eyes are burning like mad, so sore. I had a lay down before and when I woke up they were burning then, today I did some art, which I will continue to do, but as the "pig" said to me "You can't paint if your blind". Their Voice to skull, has been FULL on today without a break, the hissing to go with it all day also, as I said they are getting incredibly desperate. My gums are very sore and feel raw, burnt also, feels caustic. I wonder how my poor dog feels with all this, I have to bet the exact same as I do. I can only find comfort in the fact they are being exposed and soon more will come to them. As I said I live at 18 and boy aren't they close.
I will program a page up, and then when I look again a different one has been programmed up, or on nearly every sentence there are extra letters put into the words. This is the cow who calls herself Fifi, sounds like a french poodle gone wrong actually. Oh well as I said before too much inbreeding with that one.
Going back about 6 months ago she had said your going to go crazy before you die, can you believe a total piece of crap like that is loose on our streets. After that because their filth wasn't working she said "Oh well you can just die". I mean she is a mongrel isn't she? don't tell me I've got it all wrong and she thinks she's a pussycat?
They say (thats fifi and her pathetic friend) that they have bluetooth, I know there is a way to use this against people, there is a vid on youtube how it can be connected to your home, radio, or somehow, I would have to do more research on it before I tried explaining it though. So people if you ever feel like you are being cooked in your home and can't understand how, look to the photos above, its not that hard to do.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

On With Their Retribution For Blogging - Australia or Russia.

Can you imagine a life where every single waking moment now becomes hell, torture. Because of some low life gangstalking trash?. Its really hard to do isn't it. The whole afternoon has been a feeling my eyes are going to pop out of their sockets. The veins in my neck are protruding. I won't move, I won't go out and be on the street. They will probably kill me in here, but NO, I WON'T MOVE OUT ON THE STREET FOR A DIRTBAG LIKE YOU. So my home is now not very cozy, we have to have the fan going 24hours a day, my lungs are gurgling again, I was just getting over Chemical Pneumonia, now am getting it back again. They are back at that again. I listened to my dogs lungs last night and they are gurgling also. I would make a bet he also has chemical pneumonia.
They were saying today over and over "Your not going to paint your not going to paint". As I explained before on another blog, if you paint and sell your work, you have money to fight them back. They had also said to me "Targets can't make any money". They are petrified of this, they will end up in jail for a long long time. So they said they will blind me so I can't paint. So not only has the "???" got absolutely no talent in anything, she's bloody petrified of being caught. And the bastard with her is a sick mongrel.
On this video below, it was about 3am by then, they had been on with their garbage all night, it has picked up some of what they were saying, "fuckingfuck". They had been saying over and over "want a fuck want a fuck". Pathetic.

The next one I had just moved the camera away from the phone to turn it off and it picks up "ufucking cunt". Who the hell do these sickos think they are.

They also say quite a bit "put it down she's learnt her lesson". This comes from the sick bitch. Pray tell what lesson does a 60y.o. female pensioner, single, have to learn from this filth. They had the audacity to ask one night "What are we killing an old lady for". Can you believe it, to admit your killing someone and ask why? How incredibly sick.
The next video I didn't get on taped what they said just put it on after they said it. So totally desperate to get me put away to cover their bloody filth. I have many videos which I have taped what they said including "Kill her". Another one ? "Boongs are taking over the world". They come out with anything.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


So, they have a new way of getting me out now have they? Jeez you guys are so tough aren't you? Your vocabulary is confined to one word, Slut, which obviously you are so good at being. Sorry there's just a couple of things I can't keep up with you on and thats one of them, I'll let you have the title and honours to that one all yourself, you are tops in that. Got to give you that.

A new way of getting me out. Oh shit, I've been exposing their bloody filth, as they said just lay down and die quietly, now why in the hell would I want to do that for some piece of crap that tells me that. LAY DOWN AND DIE QUIETLY FOR A MURDER? YOU HAVE TO GIVE THEM A SENSE OF HUMOUR HEY?
There new way of getting me out, as I said it sure feels like some kind of infrasound or sound wave to me. Deadly silence, that knocks you flying. Now would this have anything to do with the maggots who said "You only had to go back in one more time"? Who the f do they think they are. How many times do you have to go in to cover their filth and make you look like a demented cow. Since when does murder get covered up for this filth. It makes you wonder doesn't it? Going back awhile ago they said to me "You've got 2 days", 2 days to get out of MY home for some dirtbag? 2 days??? Who the hell do they think they are. I didn't go so they said "You've got 2 days to live".
Yeah I'm tasting blood again, this is their new way of getting me out... GO TO HELL. SIMPLE ENOUGH.
They said "We don't stop now, we work in shifts, remember, there's 2 of us". Why have one coward when you can have 2.
Maybe you'll run head first into the bathroom door really hard. Just adding my own bit of humour in here. Personel joke,


"Oh well the slut will be blind soon" this they said just now.
There is a saying silence is deadly, yes there is a kind of silence that is deadly, its an unnatural deathly silence, like being in a vacuum, or the eye of a cyclone, if that sort of explains it. We just had that in here, with like a high pitched whine in the background. Is this like infrasound? Anyway its left me shaking like anything and very, very weak. Usually after this you taste blood.
No energy whatsoever.

These photos I took one night when I could smell the chemicals in my home, and taste them also. I lit the lighter and sparks flew everywhere up into the air. You could hardly breathe in here.

One of her favourite sayings is each night "I kept you from your art again". The other night I only played around with the colours on some paper, about 5 minutes after I finished she comes out with "Oh thats ok, you didn't do anything you can sell". How bloody sad is it to have absolutely NO talent and to be so jealous? They had also said "Targets can't make any money". OH OF COURSE NOT. THEY THINK WERE GOING TO DONATE EVERYTHING TO THEM.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Gnagstalking Links.

Some links which further describes gangstalking and the use of directed energy weapons.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


I have to have all windows and doors open and all fans going now all the time. This is bloody ridiculous. Every morning it follows the same routine, I make a coffee take it in to the computer room, by the time I am half way through it, I have to leave the computer room, the taste through the room is unreal, powdery, your heart starts to pound and fibrilate, your chest hurts, the taste is heavy and furry, and quite often you get tingling in an arm or leg, weakness, and affects your mouth movements, this is before the windows in that room are opened. One things for sure, it sure makes you open them quickly and get out of the room. I remember going back quite some time ago I put a video on you tube, a couple of people commented on it asking me if I had noticed what appeared to be a haze flying at the window, like a puff of smoke but wasn't smoke, I went back into the video and checked it again properly and sure enough it was. It had come right over the fence at my back window. Going back quite some time ago she had said to me "No paedophile of mines going online", Well number one you low life slut, I'm not yours, and number two I'm not a bloody paedophile,". How sad.
Last night I crawled around on my backside across the floor, I couldn't stand up, I started to pass out each time I tried, I made a coffee down there, and then to have my shower had to crawl into it and sit that way, wanted to wash my hair but didn't have the ENERGY left to do it. The night before had got told "Dead men don't talk". Well not being a man still understood what they meant, and also "if you want a coffee crawl across the floor and get it and grovel to me". I don't and never will grovel to bloody filth, get that through your ugly head.
A couple of mornings ago, when we got up, my dog walked through to the kitchen on his way to go outside, he got as far as half way across the room then plopped down, stayed there about 15 minutes, then got up and went and laid down again. It took him about an hour before he could get up again to go outside.
She had also said awhile ago "A'hm just doing ma job". And later not that long ago "One or two more and she's done". Over the last couple of days its been "I'm finishing you off".

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Would you just sit quitely?

The feedback from them lately is unbelievable.
"If you want a coffee, crawl across the floor and get one"
"Show your face outside again and your dead".
"If you want to paint your going to have a stroke". Which is exactly what nearly happens every time I try and paint.
"They all have bluetooth".
"You can't paint if your blind". The other night after I rang the emergency doctor, I had chemical pneumonia, I was told, "Now I'm going to blind you". I had been told prior to all this "No doctors, no optometrists".
"Can't get to the toilet? I'm laughing".
The other night over and over "I want a fuck" I have got this one on tape.
I am shaking at the moment and my heart is pounding, the taste once again foul, as they just said before "Whats that one taste like". There is also hissing in here.

Predatory Gangstalking in Australia.

This is a very descriptive link on gangstalking below, there are a couple of excerpts taken from it. The whole article is worth reading.

A Predatory Gangstalking group is a well-run organization comprised of
members who are unidentified as gangstalkers to the outside world.
Until a group of gangstalkers turn their face towards someone selected to be
one of their targets, members of society do not realize there is such an
invisible group. The practitioners of predatory gangstalking are people who,
for the most part, go about their business of daily life appearing like
everyone else, except for their activities involved with Predatory
Gangstalking. Predatory gangstalking activities take priority over
everything else in the lives of Predatory Gangstalkers. Predatory
gangstalking is actually a lifestyle for those who participate in it.

The goals of Predatory Gangstalking of an individual are numerous.
Gangstalking is intended to deprive someone of their freedoms and
rights. It destroys a person's privacy and control of their own
environments. It is intended to create distress, disrupt all relationships,
deplete person's resources, destroy one's physical and mental health, and
inflict great overall long term suffering. They interfere with a target's
sleep thereby producing chronic sleep deprivation, as a strategic tactic.
They employ a variety of interactions with the targeted individual which are
likely to produce accidents and various forms of illness. One of the main
weapons they use for their own protection and to enable their success in
gangstalking is to manipulate the target's life in such a way as to cause
them to lose their credibility with others. This is usually the first
objective reached. After that, gangstalking the target involves only minor
risk. Notably, people who become involved generally stop caring about the
abuse by either turning a blind eye or actively joining in. While others,
though concerned for the target, become too frightened to speak out or come
to believe the propoganda that the target is mentally ill and needs 'this'
Worse, these tactics will be employed after tampering with a targeted
individual's vehicle. Predatory Gangstalking is very serious business.
Predatory Gangstalking is, at the least, psychological violence, and at
most, it is a protracted sadistic sociopathic domination and calculated
destruction of an innocent human being for reasons of pleasure, power, and
social control by a group predatory stranger.

I didn't understand for a long time that when I went out somewhere someone would walk past me talking on a mobile, and when they got next to me started to explain what I was wearing over the phone, and on quite a few occasions when out noticed someone was taking a photo of me on their mobile phone, soon as I spotted them, each time, they walked over and asked where a certain shop was, once again each time the shop was right next to them. And would have been included in the photo as well. One time they asked what the time was when we were right under the Town Hall Clock. I was staying with someone down South in W.A. and was getting ready to go out that night to meet my son and his friend, when I finished getting ready the person I was staying with said too loudly exactly what I was wearing, I didn't know why but it gave me a horrible feeling, I went and changed half of what I was wearinig. That night was ABSOLUTELY shocking, I didn't get to spend hardly any time with the people, and spent a lot of it hiding behind a food van, twice I nearly passed out, each time I came out from behind the food van I got hit. I was being hit by something, I didn't know what then, now I have a lot more knowledge on what can be used. I only wish I'd had my camera then, I would have been able to capture it on video. The camera I did have then, a SLR, had been broken, I know why now, and didn't own a digital til about 12 months ago.
They are organised, extremely, if you take the time to read the article you will find out just how much. Gangstalking in Australia is phenomenal. The numbers involved is STAGGERING. I FIRMLY believe the difference here is the vast majority of victims don't get to live their lives long, and the rest are just locked up in Mental Health for having the fucking audacity to think they can report the crime of gangstalking, which ultimately leads to murder. The freedom of speech regarding this subject in Australia IS equivalent to Russia years ago.
One time driving down the local shop I got "Mama Mia" telepathically is the best way to describe it to people who don't have a broad knowledge on what can be done with radio waves, or bluetooth etc. When I walked into the shop, immediately "Mama Mia" started playing on the radio.
Another time as I walked into the same shop over the radio came "Targetted", as I walked down the aisle, there was a young man just around one aisle and as I walked further down right next to the pesticide shelf was a young woman, both took notice of me, I didn't know them then, a few days later they moved in to next door to me.
Another shop I go to I started to notice that every time I went into it "Roxanne" came on the radio, it happened that many times that now every time I go in there that it is the first thing I think of.
So much more bullshit I have heard over the radio as well, I will put some more on later. This is the kind of stuff that makes a lot of gangstalking victims seem delusional, but it is the kind of stuff that DOES happen. Do gangstalkers have their own stations? Yes they do. As I said the organisation behind this is incredible. You really don't ever want to become a victim to find out first hand. I hope you don't, but it can happen to anyone, for no bloody reason whatsoever. Not just yourself, but your spouse, children and pets become victims, target practice for this scum.

I haven't been out for that long now I really don't know what its like any more, yesterday I wanted to go to the shops, I was told "Now your not going to go to the shops anymore" I didn't get to get into the shop. You get zapped by someone, don't believe this can happen? Please read Peter Mooring on the Web.
Just before I left West Australia, trying to drive around anywhere was shocking, absolutely terrifying to say the least. I didn't know what was going on then I didn't know the total filth they got up to, and what they could use to do it. My tyres were being hit, there were bright flashes of light flying through the car, I was getting shocks of the car and I was being told "One of them is going to hit you and ones going to burst your tyres while you are driving." It was shocking, as I said terrifying. When I got to South Australia I was told "I told you I'd get rid of you Judy" and also "I put you on the internet as a paedophile, thats the quickest way to get anyone killed, but if you look for it I will take it off each time, you can't beat me I'm too quick". On the way over from W.A. to S.A. when nearly here I was told "I'm going to run you out of every town, then state and then the country."
Three times I have had brake fluid let out of my vehicles, oil let out of the sump of my car, three times my vehicles have been stolen, numerous tyres cut.
The three photos above, the first photo is of a projectile right in front of my car as I drive in my driveway, the second photo was taken one second later. The photo taken while I was driving was taken from a video I had running while I was driving, I had been hit in the head already before this and had had to pull over from it and sit til I felt better, this one flew past and missed my head. There were a couple more. She said "Now I'm going to stop you even getting into your car".
At the moment I am being told "Piss off you slut you know its us'. Never been a slut, maybe you've been one too long its the only bloody word you know.
Sitting in my computer room one day I got told "Hey ambipur slut there's your medication", straight away nearly there was a taste in the room, and then within about a minute I was nearly crawling out of the room, could hardly walk. The "SLUT" to send it back to the proper place is incredibly upset, trying to operate the mouse and anything else on my computer at the moment is impossible. I have already stated before they get access to your computers, this is done very easily. I am tasting a heavy taste now, and was asked "whats that one taste like."
They said to me "Every time your dog goes down the backyard I nuke him through the head".

I have one thing to say, if you don't like being EXPOSED, don't bloody gangstalk and murder bloody people for no reason other than your bloody sadistic pleasure. Who in the hell is put on earth to be target practice for demented fucks like you. Never paid my taxes all my life to end up your toy. Or on the end of your smear campaign.

There is quite a good book on this called "CAUSE STALKING" by David Lawson. This is only one of many books written on the subject. There is another written by a lady on gangstalking, she was murdered, I believe, I will look it up.

Retaliation for the Blog.

Today I got hit in the side of the head, neck by something when I was driving, just around the corner from where I live, I had to pull over for awhile as numbness started to spread through the side of my face and neck. This will be in retaliation for putting this blog on, I know that. Twice I tried to go into the shop, but both times it was impossible, and had to go home in the end. At the chemist, the first shop I did manage to get into, I had to sit in the chair there for awhile before I could walk again, the lady was really lovely and understanding. As I said the rest of the shopping I didn't get done, couldn't. Its certainly no fun exposing these cretins, they just don't like it. Tonight I have been tasting blood nearly all night, have had a couple of what feels like slashes across my back and one on my head.

This is the noise that was coming into my room, it was about 3 am, nothing was turned on, it is the same racket I have had on my phone for a few days, I couldn't use it as you couldn't hear anything, but that is fixed now. This is still coming in even after the phone was fixed. I got another couple of vids also, which have picked up a few words directed at me. Arseholes, there favourite word seems to be "slut".

Sunday, January 10, 2010


I know by putting this on, as they say, "the more you put on, or expose us, the more we will give you". We are supposed to just "lay down and die quietly you bitch" as they say. That's really funny hey? I mean it. We get killed by filth, and we're supposed to be very quiet about it. (My walls junk clunked.) Can you see the humour in them, die quietly so they don't get caught out. Just a new way of killing. Like them saying "I'm killing you you Cu*t because no one cares" 'I'm killing you you cu*t cause I can". And "Die clean you bitch".
I have taped some of the stuff they have said, on this one its "fucking bitch". They are using technology for this, something like an audio spotlight or microwave weapon/ hearing.


This I heard her say one night, after I had been hit badly. So the little slut found out how many walls it can go through. I call her that name on purpose, its fitting. I have just been zapped badly for putting this on. Wouldn't want the population to know what really goes on in this country. Are you living next to a people cooker? How disgusting is this lowlife? They could very easily be your neighbour. They apparently have a code they go by, "Peter Mooring on the web," (means the victim is on the net) they used to say "gangstalking alert girls, she's putting us in". Or "gangstalking alert girls, this bitch wants to die". The poor cows were being put in. Peter Mooring has a site on people cookers, modified microwaves that are used on the general population, they cause strokes heart attacks etc. Plans on how to modify microwave ovens are freely available on the net, and you onlyneed half an ounce of brains to make one.
There other saying is "Geez but yeah had a ball killing you".
The above photo is of a laser being shone on my back room, I had been getting burnt on the top of my head and went outside to have a look. You will notice it is at the right height for where my head was. They are very upset, Just got told to "Sleep outside you fucking dog". Geez sorry I know you've been having a ball killing me, but I like to have a ball to, exposing fucking filth like you.
The photo of my t.v., some nights it is impossible to watch it without it hurting your eyes. When you walk over near it the static coming from it is unreal and jumps out at you. Power surges? Whatever.

Life In Australia???

These photos, one is my loungeroom, it is a laser going right through it, I used to get burnt on the top of the head. The other photo, these cracks came up overnight in the walls, this was when the heat was unreal all night. The cracks were NOT there the night before. The two photos taken outside were when the heat in here was unbelievable and I couldn't stay inside. This is what showed up at the windows.
After starting this blog just awhile ago, I got told "I'm going to get you one way or another," they mean either chemically or electronically. Shit it must be a hard life to be such filth. They continually say "You could just bloody die you bitch". I can think of no decent Australian who would want to even contemplate doing some thing like that for shit that doesn't belong in this country.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Do you have gangstalkers. Do you have gangstalkers living next to you? Has your whole life been destroyed by this kind of Trash? More common than the general public thinks. Are your tax dollars funding their filth? You bet it is. Most times by the time people wake up to the fact of what is going on, there lives have already been changed dramatically. Your work, home, family, pets, every single facet of your life will be interferred with by this scum.
For the last 4 nights I have been forced out of my home, sitting at the back door or front trying to breathe. Chemicals. Right from the neighbours next to me. Why with a 3 bedroom house, would I want to be sitting down the road in my car or in my driveway or at my doors when I have all the comforts of my home right inside. Doesn't make sense does it. Aircon, T.V. my art, my pet. You can't stay in here at night if you want to keep breathing. I am getting over Chemical Pneumonia at the moment, I have photos of chemical burns on my face. Going back awhile ago they said "We can make it all chemical if you like try fighting that." And "I want this Cu*t iced". A week ago I heard them say "Is she dead yet?'. I was laying at the back door on the floor, I was too sick to even stand up. I didn't expect to wake up the next day. This is not magically dropping from the sky. It has taken 23 years of non stop harassment to pin point things down. I live at 18 Charlson, and this comes from very close.

The photo is of chemical burns on my face. The other photo I Took after being hit so badly one night by what felt like some kind of infrasound?? or whatever, it bounced my brains around, and thats what my eyes were like the next day. They also said to me "I nuke your dog through the head every time he goes down the back yard". This would be the reason he comes back in shaking his poor head and ears so badly and then just sleeps for hours on end straight away. He used to love being in his backyard, now he hardly goes out there. We used to sit out there every morning and share breakfast, tea and toast, it hasn't happened for months now. because of the laser attacks. Some very clear photos coming of that.

Every time I tried to come back into my home last night and throught the early hours of the morning I would walk into the kitchen and that was as far as I could get, I wanted a coffee, got told, "If you want a coffee ask me" you joke. I had to leave the room straight away, my heart was pounding and hurting and started to pass out. You couldn't breathe, it is NO panic attack and I am definately not claustrophobic in my own home. The week before I finally got chemical pneumonia both my dog and I had been vomitting every single day. I have heard scraping sounds under my floorboards right next to the adjoining wall from next door. 7.19pm last night I heard something drop in my ceiling and got told "see how long you can stay in there now." By 7.30pm I was outside with my dog, it was impossible to breathe inside. My mouth was very furry and dry, my dog had to keep drinking water, something I normally have to force him to do.
"You're not staying here, you're not moving, you're just going to lay down and die". This was said to me. Who the hell does this TRASH think they are.
The photo of my curtains shows two laser burns into them, they definately weren't there when I got them. The photo of my dog shows a laser pointed at him, I have some others which shows them into his eyes. I will put them on. The one at night, there was NO light whatsoever, I went out to see what was going on as had been getting hit and burnt on the head, I have photos of lasers on my back blinds as well which will put on. The photo of my computer room I took one night when the heat and hissing going on was incredible, this is what came out, no filters or anything is used.

I will be continuing the blog a bit later with some more videos photos of the results of this gangstalking.