Saturday, January 23, 2010


In the early hours of this morning I got told "Go in your computer room again and your dead. I put it on the video at that time. Today when I went in to the computer room, I thought I would record when I was going in there, and I was ok. It didn't take long to be tasting a chemical taste in there and wasnt long before I had to leave the room. I am tasting it again now. Just after the earlier lot they said "Go on taste that one you slut, I just want you dead".
I remember back quite some time ago they said "Your going to be on medication the rest of your life". Not that long after moving in here, the third lot of tennants moved in, I started getting told "We can make it all chemical if you like try fighting that". They did exactly that. Then with the fourth lot of tennants (they know the third lot). I was sitting in my computer room one day and got "Hey ambipur slut there's your medication, I give you mine, what's it taste like," I had to leave the room quickly. And within about 10 minutes felt very sick.
Not long after that piece of shit from them they come out with "Your not having the t.v., or your art, or the computer, just bloody die quietly." And she wants to SEE me "Run from room to room"

It said to me one day "I'm going to turn it on every time you want to do something". This is exactly what happens EVERY single time I want to do something, the hissig starts in here. Trying to watch a movie or do anything at all with this going on continually is unreal. Its so hard to believe anything so UGLY is really around on this earth. To live your life so eaten up must be very sad indeed.
One of the things I find very sad with her is her from room to room routine She starts in one room one way and then when I walk to another she says "Now I'm going to change and be different in this room". And so on in different rooms. The other incredible thing is how when these messages come in the phone flickers, It also flickers when I talk to it. I have put videos of this on before and have more to put on. A talking flickering phone, how clever. going back awhile ago they said "One or two more and she's done".They think they're very clever the way they do it and then when it starts to come through into here usually say "Whats that taste like slut". There knowledge of the English language is limited. Like themselves. Then they come out with "Well your not doing your art you slut". So, now we know that anyone that does art is a slut.

I have put the next video on of my dog, nearly 4 days now he has just lain on the lounge or floor I would say he has had only a few hours in that time up and around. The chemicals have been affecting him also.

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