Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Stalking Videos

At 2 seconds you can hear him whisper "Cheep Cheep Killed da whore". This is recorded in my home, no one else here.

This one they say something then "farking knock shop.


This one at 6 seconds he says really quickly "Kill her".

This one you can hear and then see the projectiles flying at my dog. He has been hit so many times. They also have said something to him I can't work it out. He doesn't go into the back yard now only to do what he has to do. We are getting hit so many times now and chemical attacks also, we don't get to do anything at all through the day. And the majority of it is spent on the floor for both of us. Most of the night is spent outside as you just can't breathe in here from chemical attacks.

The photo I took one night when you couldn't breathe in here, sparks flew up every where.
Trying to stay in here again is unreal and feel dizzy every time I try and walk around..
The hissing in here this morning after 4am was unreal, then they had the cheek to ask "Can you hear the hiss".
My computer gets turned off, and gets frozen quite often now, and back to playing with the mouse, try and pull it one way and it goes the other way, so whacker the hackers back on and at work again. Nothing wrong with the mouse, its a new one, I got it to see if it would make a difference. But no its them.

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