Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Retaliation for the Blog.

Today I got hit in the side of the head, neck by something when I was driving, just around the corner from where I live, I had to pull over for awhile as numbness started to spread through the side of my face and neck. This will be in retaliation for putting this blog on, I know that. Twice I tried to go into the shop, but both times it was impossible, and had to go home in the end. At the chemist, the first shop I did manage to get into, I had to sit in the chair there for awhile before I could walk again, the lady was really lovely and understanding. As I said the rest of the shopping I didn't get done, couldn't. Its certainly no fun exposing these cretins, they just don't like it. Tonight I have been tasting blood nearly all night, have had a couple of what feels like slashes across my back and one on my head.

This is the noise that was coming into my room, it was about 3 am, nothing was turned on, it is the same racket I have had on my phone for a few days, I couldn't use it as you couldn't hear anything, but that is fixed now. This is still coming in even after the phone was fixed. I got another couple of vids also, which have picked up a few words directed at me. Arseholes, there favourite word seems to be "slut".

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