Thursday, January 21, 2010

Spending my life on my backside.

It has been about 4 hours now since I have been able to stand up, we just had another chemical taste right through the house again, this one may have come right through the window, as my dog barked at the front door just before I tasted it in the room. It has been non-stop today, they are desperate because they have been exposed in some ways. Today has been spent moving around on my backside most of the day I haven't been able to stand up without starting to pass out. I called my dog a couple of times because I couldn't make it to him, he didn't come a couple of times so I guess he couldn't make it to me either. This reminds me a lot of a blog called e-abuse, the last blog I read of hers she was saying she couldn't breathe any more, there weren't any more entries after that one and it was made private.

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