Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Yesterday they made a nothing day totally. Most of it was spent at the front or back door I could not be inside again in my own bloody home. I didn't get to have my shower, (they had also said "No more showers".) obviously grovelly bitch doesn't think the world has grovelled to her enough. I actually couldn't get to do anything at all in here. Every time you came back inside the house again it took about 1-2 minutes maximum and your heart started pounding each time and hurting like anything. The taste was foul and thick, furry.
Now whats strange is I have been keeping tabs on certain things, going back quite some time ago when I was over West if I answered my phone, would get blown away, over here South, if I don't answer my phone first up I get blown away. Nothing to do with the fact is it that over West I had business phones now is it? Not bloody much. Oh I forgot the pathetic maggots said "Targets can't make any money", must think its the root of all evil unless they've got it themselves. Wonder what happens if you go north or west??? That might be confusing for them. Bit radical for their brains I think. Oh I forgot they said just when I was ready to move in here "Move again and I'll f*cking kill you". What a bloody ego trip. Oh forgot again, alzheimers must be kicking in, "I was put here for her". Put here for her? Delusional.
Now the other thing that would have totally peed them off yesterday was that a couple of things I had ordered for my art, finally arrived, after 5 weeks of waiting on them. Should have taken 4 days maximum. The attack through the day intensified to the point of extreme just after I got them. Oh and the phone rang, the usual 3 rings only and stopped, and I didn't jump to attention straight away.
Day before yesterday when driving I got told "Now you can wear a saucepan on your head when you drive." The photo above I took last night when in my car, my head was burning, so turned the light on to see if could catch anything. This came out. It hasn't come from any light whatsoever. When I had gone down to the shop to get something to eat, as couldn't cook inside my home, I felt something hit/burn my head and it wasn't long before I was tasting blood. So now they think I'm going to drive with a saucepan on my head??? Aren't they bloody something. As typing this, there has been a couple of clunks from the walls, nothing suprising.
The other amazing thing the *** is coming out with now is I'm just going to walk out of here and leave MY things, just take what I can, and go. Oh, I forgot, and leave HER state. Honeybuns, before you go spreading shit about someone, really look to your own bloody closet first.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Whats The Difference Between Ice and Froze. Not Much.

I turned my computer on early this morning after coming in from outside, being out there once again, after awhile the mouse froze, and I kept getting told over and over, "I froze you out, I froze you out." I decided to turn it off and not sit here and fight with it and go in the other room and see if I could get some more sleep (sad lack of it with their sleep deprivation tactics) after a couple of minutes I couldn't stay in their, the usual taste and not being able to breathe, there were two huge clicks from the T.V., so decided to take the dog for a short walk down the road to get away from here. On the way down there my heart hurt a lot from the attack not long ago, but on the way back I worked out their bullshit with the "I froze you out" message. Going back awhile ago she had said "I want this cu*t iced," and "I've got something you've never tasted." It didn't take long to work out the "froze and iced" bit. I don't know how I would have felt if I had stayed in that room any longer. I felt bad enough after only a couple of minutes in there, heavens knows any longer. Not only myself, but my poor dog also. Before being forced out again last night we had the usual run of insects running everywhere just after I could taste the chemical taste through here, this always happens, never fails, it really disturbs everything around.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Don't Do That Sl*t I'll Fu**ing Kill You.

The above heading is a threat as if to I report this somewhere else again.
Well after a couple of days of being able to stand once again to have a shower, this morning we're back once again to having to sit in the bath again, so I won't pass out from this mornings chemcical attack which has been on as usual. There we go, the old familiar clunk in the wall, always the same spot in this room, just near the air vent in the wall. Have recorded this and it is on past videos I have put on here. One on the T.V. also.
So what do I owe the priviledge of a couple of days of normal showers to.
My poor dog they have also apparently been at again this morning, I know this by the way he follows me where ever I move to, I don't mean he just walks alongside me, but almost like he's my shadow, and is too scared to move even a couple of inches away.
I went out into my car in the latter part of the morning, couldn't stay in my home again, they started their usual shit to go with it, "Get out its her home now" no, STUPID, its my home.
I opened my car door to a terrible smell and realised I hadn't cleaned up the poor dogs vomit from the earlier attack on him. So is on the agenda today with some air freshener to go with it.
These clunks in the wall near the air vents, its almost like something is being turned on and off. Clunk, on she goes, clunk off she goes. Power, this is the same noise we get after we have been zapped. Wonder if thats what she meant when she said "I've got the remote, you stupid bitch".
I sat out the back last night after having to leave the house, and while sitting there saw a brilliant white flash go across the clothes line, it made a crackling noise also as it hit it. Sat for about another 20 minutes and saw further what appeared to be blueish colour flashes go across the yard. (The photo above shows exactly what the first flash looked like.) After sitting like a stunned mullet for awhile I realised we were getting charged up, I got inside the kitchen and then fell to the floor and had to slide on my backside to get to the front door, and make my dog come also. When I touched him there was a crackle between us and got a shock. Kept getting what felt like burns over my body. It took about a further 45 minutes before I could make it out the front and away from the house.I tried to punch 000 into my phone as was still crawling across the floor, but no, it wouldn't do it, this is our emergency number. It took ages for it to work.
I just went into my pictures to upload a photo, and they weren't there, where they always were. But have been taken from there normal spot and moved, as I was searching for them am being told, "put my name on your computer and I'll crash your fucking computer again." This was done a few months ago, I went to the shops, when I came home my computer was totally crashed. Absolutely nothing on it.

Today the forecast is 37 c. Tomorrow 36 c. The thing done is to have the air-con on and the windows open, and thats how it has to be, sure it costs more that way, also. They will follow their exact routine, and that is to force me outside into the heat as they have always done. She said awhile back "I can't wait til the hot weather and I can really have some fun with you".
Going back some time ago had yelled at me "Tony (Toni) which ever, you want to breathe again buy an oxygen tank"
It is also heading towards 4pm, we usually get zapped every day round this time, and then you can bet your bottom dollar between 5-5.30pm again, that one is because I usually always watch Deal Or No Deal at 5.30pm and the room is sufficiently charged up to be very uncomfortable, we always get sparks through the room also then. This will be done either chemically or electronically, Seriously mentally ill.
I want to cook my tea, but have been told "You want to cook...Get out". I should imagine when we go to the kitchen we'll get walloped and end up on the floor, what a way to cook. Hey, your TOUGH mate.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Once again got forced outside my home in the early hours of the morning. I felt so sick I tried to put the emergency number 000 in my phone in case I had to use it. As I'm trying to do it get told "Now try and get your numbers on there". NO, it wouldn't do it, I kept pressing the zero but wouldn't do anything. It wasn't until I picked the camera up and started to tape it that the numbers would work. EXACTLY LIKE THE COMPUTER USED TO DO, wouldn't work until I started taping what they were doing. I really thought I would need an ambulance. After about an hour or more it started to work off. About an hour after that I got woken to the sound of my poor dog vomitting badly. He had also come in earlier from outside with gunk all over his face, like the poor bugger had been sneezing badly a few times. This has happened to him many times out there and also at the front door, sometimes its just non-stop. This was before I saw their use of the squirt gun, I don't know what they have in it, but it has a really bad effect and makes him choke and sneeze non-stop.
Night before last, once again outside through their filth, it was about 4am which I had just taped into the camera, and got back "No its sleep deprivation, is what we're doing, I'll get you in there one way or another".
I think they must have been in here again, as there is a new click now from the modem, this is new, and has only been on for the last week or two, never did it before. Have also noticed since this has started, that the computer just gets turned right off all together, and its usually after they say "Ok I'm going now". Jeez would be good if you went all together, play with the traffic or something.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Go on Ya Dog Get Out of Town??? Zapping and Electrocution.

Dog, Dog,? I am so greatful I'm not a bloody mongrel.
Last night I went to the garage to get some petrol and on the way down there got the message "Ping the bitch out of there". The following couple of videos are follow on from that.

Just after this they started again, didn't get it on video so recorded what they said.

As per quite often they will say it during the night and then will do it during the day, or vice versa. The next video I had just been hit pretty badly, like being electrocuted, you can hear the click that comes from the T.V afterwards. And quite often after I speak in here. Every single day (weekdays)in here between 5pm and 520 pm you get shocked, then sparks in the air afterwards. Weekends the times vary, but usually about 4pm. The T.V. will ALWAYS give a click or clunk to co-incide with it.

They also said "Go on get out of town you pedophile bitch I've got it in your car also."
Would be the reason I got hit across the head yesterday by something, I had to pull over. Well we're back to the "pedophile bitch" thing, because I put on the blog how she likes saying "Go on put your pedophile hat on," then she changed it to "sluts hat" Guess she didn't like me asking her if she wanted to borrow it. If you can dish the bullshit out, be prepared to get it right back.
I did some art last night, I haven't done any for ages because of the attacks. But last night because I did, the threats were back they would kill me. Sure like zapping and electrocuting you they do. No wonder the power bills skyrocket at times, must be paying for our own murders.
I can only assume there's a sad lack of talent? I don't know, beats me. You would think it would find something "better" to do with itself, just because I have.

Monday, February 1, 2010

2 Days, Really?

Seeing its my pay day tomorrow, and shopping needs doing they will be up to what they do every single fortnight, (not that its made much difference what bloody day it is lately) and that will be to make it as difficult as posible to get any of it done. I know this from long term experience. IT, I call it, goes on all the time about power of attorney. And how happy that event would be as its the ultimate last insult. Am so lucky they have deliveries for my dogs food, as know he is always taken care of with good quality food. Which is very important to me, for when they make it impossible for me to go out and get it. Children and pets don't understand if they're hungry and the food isn't there for them. As I said they are following the exact same system they have done before. Its almost like they have it written down on what stage they progress to next. Tick off No.1 we've done that, now No.2 thats next on the list and so on through it, their last one on the list is to get you put away or down, really doesn't make too much difference to them either way. Remember going back awhile back they said "You've got two days", meaning to get out, screw them, then they said "OK you've got two days to live", and boy was it on since then. Two days to get out? Out of my home? You sack of Shit. You give me one good bloody reason why I would get out of my home for you.
She said the other day "Now you know what it feels like for someone in a wheelchair" this was after they had had me crawling around on the floor, I couldn't stand up I kept passing out. Excuse me you ugly bloody bitch, why should I have to know what its like for someone in a wheelchair 1st hand? We're not all as stupid as you and most of us can work out how hard it must be.
Its been going on and on "I wanted your money, I wanted your bloody money didn't I".
Is that why my new ATM card disappeared out the letter box, and also my health care card also. I won't go into how much other personel ID has been stolen, its a joke, along with an email address of mine that was used for fraud and extortion world wide in my name. I never had access to it again, they changed the password and also my personel details on it, so couldn't get a new password without these. They asked for money to be sent through Western Union to the email address, in my name, and seeing my birth certificate and other personel papers were stolen before this I wonder.
She likes saying "Targets can't make any money.

Am just adding this on Thursday 4th Feb. Approx 7.45 pm ....."Bye bye c*nt, out on the street you go for tonight", got this just after there was a taste through here, then I started retching. Aren't they really SOMETHING?
Well today got my loo cleaned and my bathroom all done and a small amount of gardening clean-up. I say SMALL in caps, but hell it sure beats nothing. i also got to see my dog run madly around the back yard like he used to do when we came here, it was magnificent, didn't last long but he got to do it. How beautiful.
I couldn't believe yesterday when got some of my shopping done, then went back to pay a couple of bills. Not long after I got back from that and was having a cup of tea, got told "I let you do some shopping, I didn't say anything about paying any of your bills". Oh and I forgot "You'll get it later". Exactly what happened. Who the ... does this idiot think it is.