Sunday, January 10, 2010


This I heard her say one night, after I had been hit badly. So the little slut found out how many walls it can go through. I call her that name on purpose, its fitting. I have just been zapped badly for putting this on. Wouldn't want the population to know what really goes on in this country. Are you living next to a people cooker? How disgusting is this lowlife? They could very easily be your neighbour. They apparently have a code they go by, "Peter Mooring on the web," (means the victim is on the net) they used to say "gangstalking alert girls, she's putting us in". Or "gangstalking alert girls, this bitch wants to die". The poor cows were being put in. Peter Mooring has a site on people cookers, modified microwaves that are used on the general population, they cause strokes heart attacks etc. Plans on how to modify microwave ovens are freely available on the net, and you onlyneed half an ounce of brains to make one.
There other saying is "Geez but yeah had a ball killing you".
The above photo is of a laser being shone on my back room, I had been getting burnt on the top of my head and went outside to have a look. You will notice it is at the right height for where my head was. They are very upset, Just got told to "Sleep outside you fucking dog". Geez sorry I know you've been having a ball killing me, but I like to have a ball to, exposing fucking filth like you.
The photo of my t.v., some nights it is impossible to watch it without it hurting your eyes. When you walk over near it the static coming from it is unreal and jumps out at you. Power surges? Whatever.

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