Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Yes they even said that to me.
They are sure making that hard to do. More chemical attacks today. I actually got to have a short shower standing up, but by the time it came to dry myself ended up on the floor doing it. Wanted to wash my hair, but that will have to be done later. Showers in shifts, unbelievable isn't it.
What have I got to get done today? Oh I got to feed my dog this morning, have a quick shower, very quick, put a post on and answer an email. My hearts ready to give its big jump now. My hands are shaking.
I looked at a couple of art sites today and she comes out with "You can look just don't try to paint".
They also said "You only had to go back in one more time" REALLY? Oh I didn't satisfy your bloody wishes, so whats next on the list. I know what your doing. She also said "Your going to go crazy before you die".
Now they are trying to make it so I can't look after myself, look after my dog, do my housework or my shopping have any hobbies (lost interest in things you enjoy??)go into my garden and do any gardening, play with my dog or walks, hearts pounding too much most of the time can hardly stand up these days. Force her out of the home all hours of the day or night through chemicals or whatever other filth they can do, so your driving up and down the bloody highway, streets, oh using more petrol that way also (another way of added costs) shopping at the garage and not the supermarket, costs more, dragging the poor dog with me, cause you sure can't leave him at home with what they're putting into here. Hey fuckwits anything left out?
Power of attorney, she loves talking about that one don't you.
After they said that one last time, they came back with "Oh let the state have you then".
I woke one morning to someone asking me my passwords and my banking details, I was giving the information out. She said straight away 'thats for when I have Power of Attorney over you.'
I used to wonder about some of the things they could do, but when you research its amazing what can be done. I know some of it was done by a program running on my computer and also the use of microsoft Mary, Mike and Sam.

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