Sunday, January 17, 2010

On With Their Retribution For Blogging - Australia or Russia.

Can you imagine a life where every single waking moment now becomes hell, torture. Because of some low life gangstalking trash?. Its really hard to do isn't it. The whole afternoon has been a feeling my eyes are going to pop out of their sockets. The veins in my neck are protruding. I won't move, I won't go out and be on the street. They will probably kill me in here, but NO, I WON'T MOVE OUT ON THE STREET FOR A DIRTBAG LIKE YOU. So my home is now not very cozy, we have to have the fan going 24hours a day, my lungs are gurgling again, I was just getting over Chemical Pneumonia, now am getting it back again. They are back at that again. I listened to my dogs lungs last night and they are gurgling also. I would make a bet he also has chemical pneumonia.
They were saying today over and over "Your not going to paint your not going to paint". As I explained before on another blog, if you paint and sell your work, you have money to fight them back. They had also said to me "Targets can't make any money". They are petrified of this, they will end up in jail for a long long time. So they said they will blind me so I can't paint. So not only has the "???" got absolutely no talent in anything, she's bloody petrified of being caught. And the bastard with her is a sick mongrel.
On this video below, it was about 3am by then, they had been on with their garbage all night, it has picked up some of what they were saying, "fuckingfuck". They had been saying over and over "want a fuck want a fuck". Pathetic.

The next one I had just moved the camera away from the phone to turn it off and it picks up "ufucking cunt". Who the hell do these sickos think they are.

They also say quite a bit "put it down she's learnt her lesson". This comes from the sick bitch. Pray tell what lesson does a 60y.o. female pensioner, single, have to learn from this filth. They had the audacity to ask one night "What are we killing an old lady for". Can you believe it, to admit your killing someone and ask why? How incredibly sick.
The next video I didn't get on taped what they said just put it on after they said it. So totally desperate to get me put away to cover their bloody filth. I have many videos which I have taped what they said including "Kill her". Another one ? "Boongs are taking over the world". They come out with anything.

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