Monday, January 18, 2010

Microwave weapons.

It appears they have a couple of ways they think they are "Getting me out", today my eyes are burning like mad, so sore. I had a lay down before and when I woke up they were burning then, today I did some art, which I will continue to do, but as the "pig" said to me "You can't paint if your blind". Their Voice to skull, has been FULL on today without a break, the hissing to go with it all day also, as I said they are getting incredibly desperate. My gums are very sore and feel raw, burnt also, feels caustic. I wonder how my poor dog feels with all this, I have to bet the exact same as I do. I can only find comfort in the fact they are being exposed and soon more will come to them. As I said I live at 18 and boy aren't they close.
I will program a page up, and then when I look again a different one has been programmed up, or on nearly every sentence there are extra letters put into the words. This is the cow who calls herself Fifi, sounds like a french poodle gone wrong actually. Oh well as I said before too much inbreeding with that one.
Going back about 6 months ago she had said your going to go crazy before you die, can you believe a total piece of crap like that is loose on our streets. After that because their filth wasn't working she said "Oh well you can just die". I mean she is a mongrel isn't she? don't tell me I've got it all wrong and she thinks she's a pussycat?
They say (thats fifi and her pathetic friend) that they have bluetooth, I know there is a way to use this against people, there is a vid on youtube how it can be connected to your home, radio, or somehow, I would have to do more research on it before I tried explaining it though. So people if you ever feel like you are being cooked in your home and can't understand how, look to the photos above, its not that hard to do.

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