Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Would you just sit quitely?

The feedback from them lately is unbelievable.
"If you want a coffee, crawl across the floor and get one"
"Show your face outside again and your dead".
"If you want to paint your going to have a stroke". Which is exactly what nearly happens every time I try and paint.
"They all have bluetooth".
"You can't paint if your blind". The other night after I rang the emergency doctor, I had chemical pneumonia, I was told, "Now I'm going to blind you". I had been told prior to all this "No doctors, no optometrists".
"Can't get to the toilet? I'm laughing".
The other night over and over "I want a fuck" I have got this one on tape.
I am shaking at the moment and my heart is pounding, the taste once again foul, as they just said before "Whats that one taste like". There is also hissing in here.

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