Saturday, January 16, 2010


"Oh well the slut will be blind soon" this they said just now.
There is a saying silence is deadly, yes there is a kind of silence that is deadly, its an unnatural deathly silence, like being in a vacuum, or the eye of a cyclone, if that sort of explains it. We just had that in here, with like a high pitched whine in the background. Is this like infrasound? Anyway its left me shaking like anything and very, very weak. Usually after this you taste blood.
No energy whatsoever.

These photos I took one night when I could smell the chemicals in my home, and taste them also. I lit the lighter and sparks flew everywhere up into the air. You could hardly breathe in here.

One of her favourite sayings is each night "I kept you from your art again". The other night I only played around with the colours on some paper, about 5 minutes after I finished she comes out with "Oh thats ok, you didn't do anything you can sell". How bloody sad is it to have absolutely NO talent and to be so jealous? They had also said "Targets can't make any money". OH OF COURSE NOT. THEY THINK WERE GOING TO DONATE EVERYTHING TO THEM.

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