Monday, January 18, 2010

Sit down showers?

11.47am I got to have half a shower if you call it that, I had to sit down to have it though, I couldn't stand. So in the last week I have had to make coffee sitting on the floor of my kitchen then being told to crawl across the floor if I want a coffee, and today being told to go and have a shower if you can, having to sit in the bath to have it. Anyone would think these perverted idiots are getting there jollies of by watching their torture campaigns live, oh shit wait a minute I think I have proof of illegal surveillance in my home. Let me find the videos. While I am being told "Your dead". Your sick, stalkers are amongst the sickest people on the planet.
The photo I took when I went outside, this came straight at me. No lights at all anywhere.

This vid I was woken up by their usual shit, picked my camera up and started taping and the familiar click click. Now how do they know when to do that? I'll let you work it out yourself.

This ones cute, it really is, I have a phone that the face on it flickers each time I speak, or WTF even better still, it flickers after their subliminal messages to me also. But I really need to get another video of my bloody computer IT DOES THE SAME THING.

Another beauty, hit while walking through my house, you can hear it soon as vid starts.
My poor dog is knocked out on the lounge, he's been that way for about an hour now also. And from past experience with this filth he'll be there quite awhile yet. The same as myself on the floor.
There has been once again strong chemical taste through here, I just tried to stand to get away from it and for my dog and started to pass out and ended up on the floor again.

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