Monday, January 25, 2010

High Pressure Squirt Guns

Once again forced outside last night, I stayed out the back for awhile, had no choice, and then in the early hours of the morning went and slept in my car, was funny about 3.30 am got told "I'm going to bed now", and straight away the light went out in the neighbours front bedroom. While sitting out the back I heard something drop into my ceiling, if I thought it was bad inside before that, it was shocking after. I went in to make a coffee, couldn't finish it, took about 3 times of going into the kitchen, each time nearly passing out, before I got to finally get one. While I was sitting out there drinking it I saw a shot of light fly past and just about hit the neighbour on the other sides air vent in the wall. It took me a couple of secs to realise it wasn't a laser as I thought but a shot of fluid flying past. It had obviously come from one of those high power water pistols you can buy. I went out the front later and sat in the car as couldn't stay out the back any longer, and while sitting in my car saw exactly the same thing go right across right to the open window of one of my bedrooms. The one out the back I have seen before and always assumed it was a laser shot at the next door neighbour, from the photos I have got before, now I am wondering how many have not been. The fluid is not clear, so it isn't just water, but a murky white fluid colour, or shows up that colour in the night. Most times before it has mainly been the kitchen that has been the worst, not being able to go in there at all, last night it was every room in the house. After hearing the first drop in the ceiling, about 15 minutes later there was another one. Going back about 3 weeks ago I had said to me "What happens when you run out of rooms to go into." Well true to the words it happened. While sitting out the back got "Get your art and get out, leave everything else for me".
Once again I tried to get into the garage last night to get some milk and cool drink, my mouth was so fuzzy and dry, and I felt really sick, but after two attempts driving there and back, had to give it up and drink the water in the car, and the powdered milk at home. I was also very slow in picking up the meaning of what was meant when they said "bombs away girls". They meant pesticide bombs.
The photo above, this guy can shoot 50 feet.

I have put this list of his obsessed "your dead" threats on, this is going over some months.

Show your face outside and your dead
Do your art and your dead
Go near that door again and your dead.
Hello dead bitch
I see one dead Cu*t coming down the road.
Go out and your dead
Look at that photo again and your dead, got a bit mixed up with that one they did, it was a portrait I drew of someone and not a photo.
If I find anyone else in that bed with you I'll fucking kill you.
Go into your computer room and your dead.
Post that letter and your dead, this was one I sent of somewhere reporting some of this.
Die quietly you bitch.
Die clean you Bitch.
Piss off and die some where else you bitch, before I moved in here.
After moving in here, Your not moving, your not staying here, your just going to lay down and die.
Is she dead yet.
Oh and now just yesterday, have a shower and your dead.

Early hours of the next morning now, there has hardly been any chemical attack today, I actually got to stand up and have a shower, and get to the shop and back ok in one go. Plus cook something for tea. But tonight they are back to the non-stop hissing and the heat etc to go with it, and feeling of burns on my body. As I walked through to put this on, got told "Well back to the chemicals, you'll get it one way or another". And oh boy, I did some art, and did they start. As she has said before "Every time you want to do something I'm turning it on".

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