Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Computer Room.

These two photos were taken of my computer room, the heat in there had been unbelievable, no filters or anything were used and there's nothing wrong with the camera. The other photo of cracks in the wall I took the next day, there had been no cracks the day before, they just opened up after that. The cyberstalking little freak is on the computer right now. (Hey out of interest mate how are the gumtree ads going?)
Out of curiosity I wonder where we're supposed to sleep tonight, its already incredibly hard to breathe in here, and just had what felt like a bit of infrasound to nuke our heads. Oh silly me, where not supposed to sleep anywhere are we. Up yours. They said to me the other day "Don't try looking for it we're moving it around." Aren't they incredibly clever, and oh so brave. What half wit can''t hide somewhere and do this to someone.
Wanted to do my shopping today, but lately trying to do anything is a miracle. I managed to get some bills paid, my dogs food arrived so got that fixed up and paid for. But when it came to going out again and shopping, I walked out the front door, and then got hit so hard by something I ended up parked outside the doctors surgery til I felt a bit better, when I first got there I felt even too sick to get out of the car and go in. The dizziness to go with it was unreal. Needless to say the shopping didn't get done. They seem to have a list they go through of denial of everything. Later I went to the garage, but by the time I got there also I had to wait awhile and turn around and come back home. The second try later got to go in and get what I wanted. Naturally it costs more to shop this way, whole idea. They work everything out in advance. They always have. I knew yesterday when she kept saying "Enjoy your shopping day", that it was going to be as she calls it "An Endurance Test".
"She goes on and on "I'm talking you into the ground, I'm talking you into the ground". Jeez this low bitch would talk anyone into the bloody ground.
Anyway, enough rambling on, I think they like it too much.

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