Thursday, January 14, 2010


I have to have all windows and doors open and all fans going now all the time. This is bloody ridiculous. Every morning it follows the same routine, I make a coffee take it in to the computer room, by the time I am half way through it, I have to leave the computer room, the taste through the room is unreal, powdery, your heart starts to pound and fibrilate, your chest hurts, the taste is heavy and furry, and quite often you get tingling in an arm or leg, weakness, and affects your mouth movements, this is before the windows in that room are opened. One things for sure, it sure makes you open them quickly and get out of the room. I remember going back quite some time ago I put a video on you tube, a couple of people commented on it asking me if I had noticed what appeared to be a haze flying at the window, like a puff of smoke but wasn't smoke, I went back into the video and checked it again properly and sure enough it was. It had come right over the fence at my back window. Going back quite some time ago she had said to me "No paedophile of mines going online", Well number one you low life slut, I'm not yours, and number two I'm not a bloody paedophile,". How sad.
Last night I crawled around on my backside across the floor, I couldn't stand up, I started to pass out each time I tried, I made a coffee down there, and then to have my shower had to crawl into it and sit that way, wanted to wash my hair but didn't have the ENERGY left to do it. The night before had got told "Dead men don't talk". Well not being a man still understood what they meant, and also "if you want a coffee crawl across the floor and get it and grovel to me". I don't and never will grovel to bloody filth, get that through your ugly head.
A couple of mornings ago, when we got up, my dog walked through to the kitchen on his way to go outside, he got as far as half way across the room then plopped down, stayed there about 15 minutes, then got up and went and laid down again. It took him about an hour before he could get up again to go outside.
She had also said awhile ago "A'hm just doing ma job". And later not that long ago "One or two more and she's done". Over the last couple of days its been "I'm finishing you off".

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