Friday, January 29, 2010

Are You Tasting It.

9.15pm Get asked "Are you tasting it you slut", yes I was definately tasting something, like pesticides. After this she says "Yeah well I'm never going to shutup".
Then says "Well I said you were the bloody sick one bitch and now you've gone and
...yeah well your supposed to be a schizo". She's absolutely mental. In the early hours of this morning she's going off "Its your medicine, yours, not mine". I guess its definately hers, she wants other people to take it for her. She comes out with "goody goody goody your going to die" I had started to look at images for art, and they had said to me before "Do your art and your dead". Must be so sad not to have anything else to knock around, try your bloody self.

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