Saturday, May 22, 2010

From Bitches to Bitches...

I spent most of the day on a drip today, dehydration, vomitting and gastric.
They had said on the 28th of April that everything was back on again, and boy has it been. The chemical taste again has been nearly most of the time. To the stage I have spent a couple of days just laying near the door of the van, certainly sounds and feels familiar again.
The night before last they said "Now you know what we do to bitches". Bitches? they really don't seem to tire of words. Hope they've got a few as or rather more fitting for themselves. Stay away from Melb. Cup Day mate. They are absolutely 100% sure of what I mean. Hi gangstalkers.

But what they did yesterday it was was totally unbelievable, as I was driving to the toilet block, someone said "I'm waiting to knock your head off." I got half way across the drive and all I saw was white, I couldn't see anything else at all, just a very vague outline of the top of some of the trees, but absolutely nothing else, like a gigantic flash had gone off and blocked every single thing off from view. There was nothing just this blazing white for quite some time, it knocked me flying for a long time, then naturally the next time my car wouldn't start when I tried it. This happened before over West, I was semi bush, in my car on the way to go out, I saw a blinding flash come from the roof of the house right at and hit the car, they said at the same time, the next one's for you. It immediately stopped my car which was going, on the spot. It wouldn't turn over at all. Besides scaring the daylights out of me. I ran straight back into the shed, for about an hour, and next time I tried it, it turned straight on.
So looks like they're back on with the car harassment also.

Friday, May 21, 2010


I have been vomitting now for 3 days, either if I try and eat, or even drink. Going back about a week ago she had said "Next I take your dog away from you, and your not walking him." I have not been able to for the last couple of days the poor bugger. I feel incredibly weak and am going to go to hospital, I want these disgusting fucks put away. Only word to describe them. My head has felt like it has been burnt lately, slashed, and nearly gives you a heart attack or stroke. Can you believe they said "We want it to look natural".

Sunday, May 16, 2010

True To Their Word.

"We're starting all over again", aren't they really something. Think I've been here about 6-8 weeks now. YES, they are starting all over again. How obnoxious they are. Sad little lives. The last few days its getting impossible again to stay in the van nearly. I hope and pray they are incredibly UNCOMFORTABLE themselves. Its like Scotty's trying to beam us up here. Back to getting flashes of light through the room in the van. Etc, etc. Earlier tonight got "If you want to keep breathing get outside and do it there". Actually had to leave the van earlier. Sure couldn't bloody breathe in here. Oh bugger, just after typing that a big clunk from the side of the van, sounds so familiar.
You wouldn't want to get bored mate.
The last few days am back to tasting blood again after feeling a slash like and burning feeling across the top of my head. Oh I forgot, she's "playing laser games" she said. Last night was up til fairly late with my dog, he kept jumping off the bed every time he tried to sleep, then the poor bugger kept wanting to go outside, had to keep pooping. (The first time we went outside I saw the usual flash of white shoot right past us, I have photos of this from before, this is liquid from a high pressure squirt gun, a familiar taste also.) Today they said "Yeah, got your dog last night".
Since coming back into my blog again they're back on with the "pedophile bitch" stuff most of the time again. Today was a good one, "Pedophile of the century", hell I've been busy, and how old am I, for the whole bloody century? Wow.
I started my art again, and that is a 100% guarantee of an upturn in any kind of harassment every time, back at the house they had said "Targets can't make any money". Must be too lazy to try and make any themselves. Try getting a hobby, and leave other people to their lives.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

We're Trying To Bleach You White.

I didn't put the video of it on as had the photo here, its much easier than fighting with the camera software. There wasn't a mark on my car before they started spraying us, my dog and myself. I saw the squirts coming right at us many times and tasted it many also, we had eventually started to sleep in the car as I couldn't stay in my home anymore, but then we couldn't even stay in our driveway to sleep either. As for bleaching me white, well was born that colour any way, so your bloody colour blind mate. Are you racist also???
I left my home, I had to walk out and leave everything I had struggled so hard to get in the 16 months I was there. And on a pension it is a struggle as all pensioners know, I moved in with a fork, spoon, knife, plate, small frypan, couple of other things, and left a fully furnished, all cutlery, crockery, linen, etc, etc. t.v. dvd and a lot of my art work, and just took what would fit in the car. It had got to the stage I couldn't even go in there to get a cup of coffee or to feed my dog.
After leaving we spent nearly a week in the car, down the river, and then found a caravan park further on. It did not stop though, harassment, on the road. As I drove into the town on the river they said "We've got you on our books as a woolly wooftah" then later as leaving, about the same spot "No work here". I also have another video to put on (which will explain what I have just stated about other forms of their harassment campaign,) in the next post. Not long after leaving the house, maybe a couple of days, they said "Put it down now she's learnt her lesson, she'll stay away from children". I intend SOME WAY OR ANOTHER to get this in the media, what they said, EVEN if I have to pay for it myself. I will NOT put up with that kind of filth said to me, or done to me because of someone's perverted jealousy.

Approximately a week ago, have it video taped as the 28-04-10, they, or rather the bitch, said, 'we're starting all over again now". This has been true. Tonight earlier I was at the van door vomitting. My dog was also, yesterday morning, about 4am. As I said I do intend to get this printed some way, what they have been up to. They're putrid bloody filth.
Last night there were flashes of light through the caravan, immediately get told "I'm playing a laser game", yeah, especially when you feel something go across your head and you start tasting blood.
Not long after I arrived here I had to go to the local hospital and have a nebuliser, I couldn't breathe hardly and had actually been sleeping outside the hospital a lot of nights in case I had to get in there quickly, I am also on a puffer now which I never had to have before. This has been bad like this since they said "We can make it all chemical try fighting that if you can," last year.
Also about a week ago they said you can die one of three ways, chemically, lasers, electronically. How very sick and pathetic.

If you click on the link on the right, Bad Experiment, you will see in one of his later posts "Gangstalking In the News". Lately I have noticed more and more stories getting the proper exposure regarding this filthy practice. There is also a radio station in America I think its called Truth Radio, or Truth Brigade I think, which also gives gangstalking exposure. This is happening more in the world now. Gangstalking is just a polite word for Murder, nothing more.

We're Trying To Crash Your Computer.

They said this about 5-6 days ago, since then every day I am having to run my computer with a scan going nearly all the time. Every day there is between 9-12 trojans, worms, or malaware of some sort. I also have a video of my car to put on and the damage they have done to it, they said "They were trying to bleach me", this is when my dog and I were being sprayed with chemicals both in our house (which I had to walk out of) and in my car when I was in it, but am having non-stop problems with getting the page for the camera gear to open properly so I can edit the video a bit shorter. Will try it on the next post.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Their All Over Australia? My my. So are Mozzies and Cockroaches..

Today they have been at the harassment non-stop. Last night I was talking to my brother on the phone and he was cleaning out his freezer at the same time, he said to me they had a dead fly in their freezer. Not that long after I hung up I went and sat in my car, it was only a few minutes after that a bolt of light went through the car from across the road between myself and my dog, at the same time I got told "That will warm you up you cold bitch," within a few minutes I felt really sick, My left arm and leg felt numbish, I moved from where I was and drove around the corner, it took about an hour and half to get over it. My heart was pounding like mad and felt burn like feelings over myself for quite awhile. The dryness of my mouth that went with it was unreal. My tongue started to feel numbness. My poor dog also I know it would have affected him also. They tried to give me a stroke. I guess it was lucky it wasn't a direct hit. I don't know but they said "the first one was." Today has been unreal. I didn't get to do any shoppping yesterday, the attack was so bad all day, I wonder if it was to do with the fact that the previous post I put on that I always on Wednesdays pension day, got my dog his food and paid my bills. I'm sure it was. Neither thing got done. I was able to get to the garage and get some milk, I couldn't stand any longer to get anything else, so gave him some milk and bread to eat, until I got down again later for a can of dog food when I felt a bit better again. The first half of the day today wasn't too bad, I couldn't believe it, I managed to get some things done, they said after "I let you get that done because you were going today." This afternoon has been a different story altogether. Non-stop hissing, V2K to go with it (she said before I'm talking you into the ground), and overheating, shocking. Since they said to me "You've got two days to get out of town, or two days to die", the attacks have been incredible. My eyes are unbelievably dry, heated, and sore. Yesterday I couldn't believe it when she said "Now your not even going to look at any art" now I'm not even going to LOOK at any art??

We're all over Australia". Your all over Australia, what? a bunch of sad losers who run around with "bluetooth" they say, with nothing better to do than zap people etc, and torture etc. Poor Australia, for having shit like you in it, is all I can say.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Doctor Hall Talks on Gangstalking

This is a video on gangstalking. Gangstalking is a global epidemic, happening in every country in the world. A silent disease that is spreading at an alarming rate. The first site I ever saw on the net was "Electronic Elephants". After I read it I sat down and cried in sheer relief, relief on the fact that this EXACT thing was a reality, which I knew it was anyway, but a reality that had been noted by others as well. It is an overseas site, but it was almost like reading exactly what I would have typed up anyway as to what was happening. Line after line was identical in my life.
My mail was interferred with non-stop, disappearing, my phone was tampered with NON-STOP every day for years, my vehicles were stolen, torched, or vandalised, tyres cut, brake fluid let out etc etc, every hire car I hired over a 12 month period when I was too scared to buy my own car then was vandalised. My home was invaded time after time, and some kind of calling card would be left, carpet rolled up in a corner, something broken, fridge setting changed, a holy card left on my phone, how stupid, or something similar, muddy footprints across the carpet. People when I was out would come and stand or sit next to me in empty wide open places and the conversation would always centre around something I had been talking about with someone else not that long before, or something that had recently happened in my life. Then I started getting woken choking and gagging for breath, I would jump out of bed and would here someone running up the back stairway, then just after the screech of tyres as they sped away. Usually there was two or more of them I had to start sleeping with a fan on. After awhile I noticed in my unit the coughing attacks, I didn't notice at first, it took a few times, but it was every hour like clockwork, If it started at say 1.05am the next would be 2.05am, and so on through the night, til normally about 5 in the morning. After awhile I didn't have to look at my watch to know what time it was. I also didn't know about sleep deprivation tactics then. Now, the fan is on 24/7 most times. Electronic Elephants was my eye opener.

Not long ago, they said to me "Now we've got you covered in every state." Well good for you, because whenever I intend to travel anywhere I sure as hell intend to have my website painted on my bloody car. Next time just ask me, you can save yourself some trouble, don't know how you put a photo under it will try and find out. Make it easier for you? The other day I had said to me "I'm going to stuff your car up every where you go, you know I'll do it". Yes I'm sure you can, your pathetic