Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Welcome to the days of Electronic Warfare in Australia..

Ultrasonic Devices

Sonic Nausea Device

Great little electronic device that can be used to clear out those guests that never want to leave long after the party is over. This same basic design is being employed in the UK for discouraging people from congesting near target areas, where it is licensed under the name “the mosquito”!

Easily hidden circuit produces high pitch sounds that are hard to locate. Operates on a 9 volt battery.

$50.00 to make someones life unbearable, so easily hidden, and only need to change the battery on it, most people wouldn't even know it was there if hidden well. They would just be wondering why they felt sick etc, all the time.

They also have some with their own generators, what a nifty tool to pop in someones ceiling if you wanted, with a remote to go with it couldn't you have some fun. Also come with different power setting, suppose it depends on just how much of a sadist you really are.

The amazing thing is how easily the plans to these things are on the internet.

Over the last few days I have been writing how I'm getting "boinged" nuked through the head again, its the only way I know how to describe it. Hey, looking this up they even have one called the "boing boing" and thats exactly what it does. Nuke people through the head.

I have a whopping headache after the last attack, need some pain killers.

This is how these sick little bastards are getting their kicks, can you believe. Comments from them like "Can I wallop her now". Always knew I paid my taxes all my life for something, now I know what hey. How many are you funding?

Jeez you got to give them something, they don't run out of ideas or get bored. Am averaging about 1-2 hits a day, so don't have to worry about too many people finding out about this kind of thing going on.

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