Saturday, January 16, 2010


So, they have a new way of getting me out now have they? Jeez you guys are so tough aren't you? Your vocabulary is confined to one word, Slut, which obviously you are so good at being. Sorry there's just a couple of things I can't keep up with you on and thats one of them, I'll let you have the title and honours to that one all yourself, you are tops in that. Got to give you that.

A new way of getting me out. Oh shit, I've been exposing their bloody filth, as they said just lay down and die quietly, now why in the hell would I want to do that for some piece of crap that tells me that. LAY DOWN AND DIE QUIETLY FOR A MURDER? YOU HAVE TO GIVE THEM A SENSE OF HUMOUR HEY?
There new way of getting me out, as I said it sure feels like some kind of infrasound or sound wave to me. Deadly silence, that knocks you flying. Now would this have anything to do with the maggots who said "You only had to go back in one more time"? Who the f do they think they are. How many times do you have to go in to cover their filth and make you look like a demented cow. Since when does murder get covered up for this filth. It makes you wonder doesn't it? Going back awhile ago they said to me "You've got 2 days", 2 days to get out of MY home for some dirtbag? 2 days??? Who the hell do they think they are. I didn't go so they said "You've got 2 days to live".
Yeah I'm tasting blood again, this is their new way of getting me out... GO TO HELL. SIMPLE ENOUGH.
They said "We don't stop now, we work in shifts, remember, there's 2 of us". Why have one coward when you can have 2.
Maybe you'll run head first into the bathroom door really hard. Just adding my own bit of humour in here. Personel joke,

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