Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Yesterday they made a nothing day totally. Most of it was spent at the front or back door I could not be inside again in my own bloody home. I didn't get to have my shower, (they had also said "No more showers".) obviously grovelly bitch doesn't think the world has grovelled to her enough. I actually couldn't get to do anything at all in here. Every time you came back inside the house again it took about 1-2 minutes maximum and your heart started pounding each time and hurting like anything. The taste was foul and thick, furry.
Now whats strange is I have been keeping tabs on certain things, going back quite some time ago when I was over West if I answered my phone, would get blown away, over here South, if I don't answer my phone first up I get blown away. Nothing to do with the fact is it that over West I had business phones now is it? Not bloody much. Oh I forgot the pathetic maggots said "Targets can't make any money", must think its the root of all evil unless they've got it themselves. Wonder what happens if you go north or west??? That might be confusing for them. Bit radical for their brains I think. Oh I forgot they said just when I was ready to move in here "Move again and I'll f*cking kill you". What a bloody ego trip. Oh forgot again, alzheimers must be kicking in, "I was put here for her". Put here for her? Delusional.
Now the other thing that would have totally peed them off yesterday was that a couple of things I had ordered for my art, finally arrived, after 5 weeks of waiting on them. Should have taken 4 days maximum. The attack through the day intensified to the point of extreme just after I got them. Oh and the phone rang, the usual 3 rings only and stopped, and I didn't jump to attention straight away.
Day before yesterday when driving I got told "Now you can wear a saucepan on your head when you drive." The photo above I took last night when in my car, my head was burning, so turned the light on to see if could catch anything. This came out. It hasn't come from any light whatsoever. When I had gone down to the shop to get something to eat, as couldn't cook inside my home, I felt something hit/burn my head and it wasn't long before I was tasting blood. So now they think I'm going to drive with a saucepan on my head??? Aren't they bloody something. As typing this, there has been a couple of clunks from the walls, nothing suprising.
The other amazing thing the *** is coming out with now is I'm just going to walk out of here and leave MY things, just take what I can, and go. Oh, I forgot, and leave HER state. Honeybuns, before you go spreading shit about someone, really look to your own bloody closet first.

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