Friday, February 5, 2010

Go on Ya Dog Get Out of Town??? Zapping and Electrocution.

Dog, Dog,? I am so greatful I'm not a bloody mongrel.
Last night I went to the garage to get some petrol and on the way down there got the message "Ping the bitch out of there". The following couple of videos are follow on from that.

Just after this they started again, didn't get it on video so recorded what they said.

As per quite often they will say it during the night and then will do it during the day, or vice versa. The next video I had just been hit pretty badly, like being electrocuted, you can hear the click that comes from the T.V afterwards. And quite often after I speak in here. Every single day (weekdays)in here between 5pm and 520 pm you get shocked, then sparks in the air afterwards. Weekends the times vary, but usually about 4pm. The T.V. will ALWAYS give a click or clunk to co-incide with it.

They also said "Go on get out of town you pedophile bitch I've got it in your car also."
Would be the reason I got hit across the head yesterday by something, I had to pull over. Well we're back to the "pedophile bitch" thing, because I put on the blog how she likes saying "Go on put your pedophile hat on," then she changed it to "sluts hat" Guess she didn't like me asking her if she wanted to borrow it. If you can dish the bullshit out, be prepared to get it right back.
I did some art last night, I haven't done any for ages because of the attacks. But last night because I did, the threats were back they would kill me. Sure like zapping and electrocuting you they do. No wonder the power bills skyrocket at times, must be paying for our own murders.
I can only assume there's a sad lack of talent? I don't know, beats me. You would think it would find something "better" to do with itself, just because I have.

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