Sunday, February 7, 2010

Don't Do That Sl*t I'll Fu**ing Kill You.

The above heading is a threat as if to I report this somewhere else again.
Well after a couple of days of being able to stand once again to have a shower, this morning we're back once again to having to sit in the bath again, so I won't pass out from this mornings chemcical attack which has been on as usual. There we go, the old familiar clunk in the wall, always the same spot in this room, just near the air vent in the wall. Have recorded this and it is on past videos I have put on here. One on the T.V. also.
So what do I owe the priviledge of a couple of days of normal showers to.
My poor dog they have also apparently been at again this morning, I know this by the way he follows me where ever I move to, I don't mean he just walks alongside me, but almost like he's my shadow, and is too scared to move even a couple of inches away.
I went out into my car in the latter part of the morning, couldn't stay in my home again, they started their usual shit to go with it, "Get out its her home now" no, STUPID, its my home.
I opened my car door to a terrible smell and realised I hadn't cleaned up the poor dogs vomit from the earlier attack on him. So is on the agenda today with some air freshener to go with it.
These clunks in the wall near the air vents, its almost like something is being turned on and off. Clunk, on she goes, clunk off she goes. Power, this is the same noise we get after we have been zapped. Wonder if thats what she meant when she said "I've got the remote, you stupid bitch".
I sat out the back last night after having to leave the house, and while sitting there saw a brilliant white flash go across the clothes line, it made a crackling noise also as it hit it. Sat for about another 20 minutes and saw further what appeared to be blueish colour flashes go across the yard. (The photo above shows exactly what the first flash looked like.) After sitting like a stunned mullet for awhile I realised we were getting charged up, I got inside the kitchen and then fell to the floor and had to slide on my backside to get to the front door, and make my dog come also. When I touched him there was a crackle between us and got a shock. Kept getting what felt like burns over my body. It took about a further 45 minutes before I could make it out the front and away from the house.I tried to punch 000 into my phone as was still crawling across the floor, but no, it wouldn't do it, this is our emergency number. It took ages for it to work.
I just went into my pictures to upload a photo, and they weren't there, where they always were. But have been taken from there normal spot and moved, as I was searching for them am being told, "put my name on your computer and I'll crash your fucking computer again." This was done a few months ago, I went to the shops, when I came home my computer was totally crashed. Absolutely nothing on it.

Today the forecast is 37 c. Tomorrow 36 c. The thing done is to have the air-con on and the windows open, and thats how it has to be, sure it costs more that way, also. They will follow their exact routine, and that is to force me outside into the heat as they have always done. She said awhile back "I can't wait til the hot weather and I can really have some fun with you".
Going back some time ago had yelled at me "Tony (Toni) which ever, you want to breathe again buy an oxygen tank"
It is also heading towards 4pm, we usually get zapped every day round this time, and then you can bet your bottom dollar between 5-5.30pm again, that one is because I usually always watch Deal Or No Deal at 5.30pm and the room is sufficiently charged up to be very uncomfortable, we always get sparks through the room also then. This will be done either chemically or electronically, Seriously mentally ill.
I want to cook my tea, but have been told "You want to cook...Get out". I should imagine when we go to the kitchen we'll get walloped and end up on the floor, what a way to cook. Hey, your TOUGH mate.

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