Monday, March 1, 2010

Doctor Hall Talks on Gangstalking

This is a video on gangstalking. Gangstalking is a global epidemic, happening in every country in the world. A silent disease that is spreading at an alarming rate. The first site I ever saw on the net was "Electronic Elephants". After I read it I sat down and cried in sheer relief, relief on the fact that this EXACT thing was a reality, which I knew it was anyway, but a reality that had been noted by others as well. It is an overseas site, but it was almost like reading exactly what I would have typed up anyway as to what was happening. Line after line was identical in my life.
My mail was interferred with non-stop, disappearing, my phone was tampered with NON-STOP every day for years, my vehicles were stolen, torched, or vandalised, tyres cut, brake fluid let out etc etc, every hire car I hired over a 12 month period when I was too scared to buy my own car then was vandalised. My home was invaded time after time, and some kind of calling card would be left, carpet rolled up in a corner, something broken, fridge setting changed, a holy card left on my phone, how stupid, or something similar, muddy footprints across the carpet. People when I was out would come and stand or sit next to me in empty wide open places and the conversation would always centre around something I had been talking about with someone else not that long before, or something that had recently happened in my life. Then I started getting woken choking and gagging for breath, I would jump out of bed and would here someone running up the back stairway, then just after the screech of tyres as they sped away. Usually there was two or more of them I had to start sleeping with a fan on. After awhile I noticed in my unit the coughing attacks, I didn't notice at first, it took a few times, but it was every hour like clockwork, If it started at say 1.05am the next would be 2.05am, and so on through the night, til normally about 5 in the morning. After awhile I didn't have to look at my watch to know what time it was. I also didn't know about sleep deprivation tactics then. Now, the fan is on 24/7 most times. Electronic Elephants was my eye opener.

Not long ago, they said to me "Now we've got you covered in every state." Well good for you, because whenever I intend to travel anywhere I sure as hell intend to have my website painted on my bloody car. Next time just ask me, you can save yourself some trouble, don't know how you put a photo under it will try and find out. Make it easier for you? The other day I had said to me "I'm going to stuff your car up every where you go, you know I'll do it". Yes I'm sure you can, your pathetic