Monday, February 1, 2010

2 Days, Really?

Seeing its my pay day tomorrow, and shopping needs doing they will be up to what they do every single fortnight, (not that its made much difference what bloody day it is lately) and that will be to make it as difficult as posible to get any of it done. I know this from long term experience. IT, I call it, goes on all the time about power of attorney. And how happy that event would be as its the ultimate last insult. Am so lucky they have deliveries for my dogs food, as know he is always taken care of with good quality food. Which is very important to me, for when they make it impossible for me to go out and get it. Children and pets don't understand if they're hungry and the food isn't there for them. As I said they are following the exact same system they have done before. Its almost like they have it written down on what stage they progress to next. Tick off No.1 we've done that, now No.2 thats next on the list and so on through it, their last one on the list is to get you put away or down, really doesn't make too much difference to them either way. Remember going back awhile back they said "You've got two days", meaning to get out, screw them, then they said "OK you've got two days to live", and boy was it on since then. Two days to get out? Out of my home? You sack of Shit. You give me one good bloody reason why I would get out of my home for you.
She said the other day "Now you know what it feels like for someone in a wheelchair" this was after they had had me crawling around on the floor, I couldn't stand up I kept passing out. Excuse me you ugly bloody bitch, why should I have to know what its like for someone in a wheelchair 1st hand? We're not all as stupid as you and most of us can work out how hard it must be.
Its been going on and on "I wanted your money, I wanted your bloody money didn't I".
Is that why my new ATM card disappeared out the letter box, and also my health care card also. I won't go into how much other personel ID has been stolen, its a joke, along with an email address of mine that was used for fraud and extortion world wide in my name. I never had access to it again, they changed the password and also my personel details on it, so couldn't get a new password without these. They asked for money to be sent through Western Union to the email address, in my name, and seeing my birth certificate and other personel papers were stolen before this I wonder.
She likes saying "Targets can't make any money.

Am just adding this on Thursday 4th Feb. Approx 7.45 pm ....."Bye bye c*nt, out on the street you go for tonight", got this just after there was a taste through here, then I started retching. Aren't they really SOMETHING?
Well today got my loo cleaned and my bathroom all done and a small amount of gardening clean-up. I say SMALL in caps, but hell it sure beats nothing. i also got to see my dog run madly around the back yard like he used to do when we came here, it was magnificent, didn't last long but he got to do it. How beautiful.
I couldn't believe yesterday when got some of my shopping done, then went back to pay a couple of bills. Not long after I got back from that and was having a cup of tea, got told "I let you do some shopping, I didn't say anything about paying any of your bills". Oh and I forgot "You'll get it later". Exactly what happened. Who the ... does this idiot think it is.

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