Monday, February 8, 2010

Whats The Difference Between Ice and Froze. Not Much.

I turned my computer on early this morning after coming in from outside, being out there once again, after awhile the mouse froze, and I kept getting told over and over, "I froze you out, I froze you out." I decided to turn it off and not sit here and fight with it and go in the other room and see if I could get some more sleep (sad lack of it with their sleep deprivation tactics) after a couple of minutes I couldn't stay in their, the usual taste and not being able to breathe, there were two huge clicks from the T.V., so decided to take the dog for a short walk down the road to get away from here. On the way down there my heart hurt a lot from the attack not long ago, but on the way back I worked out their bullshit with the "I froze you out" message. Going back awhile ago she had said "I want this cu*t iced," and "I've got something you've never tasted." It didn't take long to work out the "froze and iced" bit. I don't know how I would have felt if I had stayed in that room any longer. I felt bad enough after only a couple of minutes in there, heavens knows any longer. Not only myself, but my poor dog also. Before being forced out again last night we had the usual run of insects running everywhere just after I could taste the chemical taste through here, this always happens, never fails, it really disturbs everything around.

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