Thursday, March 4, 2010

Their All Over Australia? My my. So are Mozzies and Cockroaches..

Today they have been at the harassment non-stop. Last night I was talking to my brother on the phone and he was cleaning out his freezer at the same time, he said to me they had a dead fly in their freezer. Not that long after I hung up I went and sat in my car, it was only a few minutes after that a bolt of light went through the car from across the road between myself and my dog, at the same time I got told "That will warm you up you cold bitch," within a few minutes I felt really sick, My left arm and leg felt numbish, I moved from where I was and drove around the corner, it took about an hour and half to get over it. My heart was pounding like mad and felt burn like feelings over myself for quite awhile. The dryness of my mouth that went with it was unreal. My tongue started to feel numbness. My poor dog also I know it would have affected him also. They tried to give me a stroke. I guess it was lucky it wasn't a direct hit. I don't know but they said "the first one was." Today has been unreal. I didn't get to do any shoppping yesterday, the attack was so bad all day, I wonder if it was to do with the fact that the previous post I put on that I always on Wednesdays pension day, got my dog his food and paid my bills. I'm sure it was. Neither thing got done. I was able to get to the garage and get some milk, I couldn't stand any longer to get anything else, so gave him some milk and bread to eat, until I got down again later for a can of dog food when I felt a bit better again. The first half of the day today wasn't too bad, I couldn't believe it, I managed to get some things done, they said after "I let you get that done because you were going today." This afternoon has been a different story altogether. Non-stop hissing, V2K to go with it (she said before I'm talking you into the ground), and overheating, shocking. Since they said to me "You've got two days to get out of town, or two days to die", the attacks have been incredible. My eyes are unbelievably dry, heated, and sore. Yesterday I couldn't believe it when she said "Now your not even going to look at any art" now I'm not even going to LOOK at any art??

We're all over Australia". Your all over Australia, what? a bunch of sad losers who run around with "bluetooth" they say, with nothing better to do than zap people etc, and torture etc. Poor Australia, for having shit like you in it, is all I can say.

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