Saturday, May 22, 2010

From Bitches to Bitches...

I spent most of the day on a drip today, dehydration, vomitting and gastric.
They had said on the 28th of April that everything was back on again, and boy has it been. The chemical taste again has been nearly most of the time. To the stage I have spent a couple of days just laying near the door of the van, certainly sounds and feels familiar again.
The night before last they said "Now you know what we do to bitches". Bitches? they really don't seem to tire of words. Hope they've got a few as or rather more fitting for themselves. Stay away from Melb. Cup Day mate. They are absolutely 100% sure of what I mean. Hi gangstalkers.

But what they did yesterday it was was totally unbelievable, as I was driving to the toilet block, someone said "I'm waiting to knock your head off." I got half way across the drive and all I saw was white, I couldn't see anything else at all, just a very vague outline of the top of some of the trees, but absolutely nothing else, like a gigantic flash had gone off and blocked every single thing off from view. There was nothing just this blazing white for quite some time, it knocked me flying for a long time, then naturally the next time my car wouldn't start when I tried it. This happened before over West, I was semi bush, in my car on the way to go out, I saw a blinding flash come from the roof of the house right at and hit the car, they said at the same time, the next one's for you. It immediately stopped my car which was going, on the spot. It wouldn't turn over at all. Besides scaring the daylights out of me. I ran straight back into the shed, for about an hour, and next time I tried it, it turned straight on.
So looks like they're back on with the car harassment also.

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