Sunday, May 16, 2010

True To Their Word.

"We're starting all over again", aren't they really something. Think I've been here about 6-8 weeks now. YES, they are starting all over again. How obnoxious they are. Sad little lives. The last few days its getting impossible again to stay in the van nearly. I hope and pray they are incredibly UNCOMFORTABLE themselves. Its like Scotty's trying to beam us up here. Back to getting flashes of light through the room in the van. Etc, etc. Earlier tonight got "If you want to keep breathing get outside and do it there". Actually had to leave the van earlier. Sure couldn't bloody breathe in here. Oh bugger, just after typing that a big clunk from the side of the van, sounds so familiar.
You wouldn't want to get bored mate.
The last few days am back to tasting blood again after feeling a slash like and burning feeling across the top of my head. Oh I forgot, she's "playing laser games" she said. Last night was up til fairly late with my dog, he kept jumping off the bed every time he tried to sleep, then the poor bugger kept wanting to go outside, had to keep pooping. (The first time we went outside I saw the usual flash of white shoot right past us, I have photos of this from before, this is liquid from a high pressure squirt gun, a familiar taste also.) Today they said "Yeah, got your dog last night".
Since coming back into my blog again they're back on with the "pedophile bitch" stuff most of the time again. Today was a good one, "Pedophile of the century", hell I've been busy, and how old am I, for the whole bloody century? Wow.
I started my art again, and that is a 100% guarantee of an upturn in any kind of harassment every time, back at the house they had said "Targets can't make any money". Must be too lazy to try and make any themselves. Try getting a hobby, and leave other people to their lives.

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