Sunday, May 9, 2010

We're Trying To Bleach You White.

I didn't put the video of it on as had the photo here, its much easier than fighting with the camera software. There wasn't a mark on my car before they started spraying us, my dog and myself. I saw the squirts coming right at us many times and tasted it many also, we had eventually started to sleep in the car as I couldn't stay in my home anymore, but then we couldn't even stay in our driveway to sleep either. As for bleaching me white, well was born that colour any way, so your bloody colour blind mate. Are you racist also???
I left my home, I had to walk out and leave everything I had struggled so hard to get in the 16 months I was there. And on a pension it is a struggle as all pensioners know, I moved in with a fork, spoon, knife, plate, small frypan, couple of other things, and left a fully furnished, all cutlery, crockery, linen, etc, etc. t.v. dvd and a lot of my art work, and just took what would fit in the car. It had got to the stage I couldn't even go in there to get a cup of coffee or to feed my dog.
After leaving we spent nearly a week in the car, down the river, and then found a caravan park further on. It did not stop though, harassment, on the road. As I drove into the town on the river they said "We've got you on our books as a woolly wooftah" then later as leaving, about the same spot "No work here". I also have another video to put on (which will explain what I have just stated about other forms of their harassment campaign,) in the next post. Not long after leaving the house, maybe a couple of days, they said "Put it down now she's learnt her lesson, she'll stay away from children". I intend SOME WAY OR ANOTHER to get this in the media, what they said, EVEN if I have to pay for it myself. I will NOT put up with that kind of filth said to me, or done to me because of someone's perverted jealousy.

Approximately a week ago, have it video taped as the 28-04-10, they, or rather the bitch, said, 'we're starting all over again now". This has been true. Tonight earlier I was at the van door vomitting. My dog was also, yesterday morning, about 4am. As I said I do intend to get this printed some way, what they have been up to. They're putrid bloody filth.
Last night there were flashes of light through the caravan, immediately get told "I'm playing a laser game", yeah, especially when you feel something go across your head and you start tasting blood.
Not long after I arrived here I had to go to the local hospital and have a nebuliser, I couldn't breathe hardly and had actually been sleeping outside the hospital a lot of nights in case I had to get in there quickly, I am also on a puffer now which I never had to have before. This has been bad like this since they said "We can make it all chemical try fighting that if you can," last year.
Also about a week ago they said you can die one of three ways, chemically, lasers, electronically. How very sick and pathetic.

If you click on the link on the right, Bad Experiment, you will see in one of his later posts "Gangstalking In the News". Lately I have noticed more and more stories getting the proper exposure regarding this filthy practice. There is also a radio station in America I think its called Truth Radio, or Truth Brigade I think, which also gives gangstalking exposure. This is happening more in the world now. Gangstalking is just a polite word for Murder, nothing more.

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