Saturday, January 9, 2010


Do you have gangstalkers. Do you have gangstalkers living next to you? Has your whole life been destroyed by this kind of Trash? More common than the general public thinks. Are your tax dollars funding their filth? You bet it is. Most times by the time people wake up to the fact of what is going on, there lives have already been changed dramatically. Your work, home, family, pets, every single facet of your life will be interferred with by this scum.
For the last 4 nights I have been forced out of my home, sitting at the back door or front trying to breathe. Chemicals. Right from the neighbours next to me. Why with a 3 bedroom house, would I want to be sitting down the road in my car or in my driveway or at my doors when I have all the comforts of my home right inside. Doesn't make sense does it. Aircon, T.V. my art, my pet. You can't stay in here at night if you want to keep breathing. I am getting over Chemical Pneumonia at the moment, I have photos of chemical burns on my face. Going back awhile ago they said "We can make it all chemical if you like try fighting that." And "I want this Cu*t iced". A week ago I heard them say "Is she dead yet?'. I was laying at the back door on the floor, I was too sick to even stand up. I didn't expect to wake up the next day. This is not magically dropping from the sky. It has taken 23 years of non stop harassment to pin point things down. I live at 18 Charlson, and this comes from very close.

The photo is of chemical burns on my face. The other photo I Took after being hit so badly one night by what felt like some kind of infrasound?? or whatever, it bounced my brains around, and thats what my eyes were like the next day. They also said to me "I nuke your dog through the head every time he goes down the back yard". This would be the reason he comes back in shaking his poor head and ears so badly and then just sleeps for hours on end straight away. He used to love being in his backyard, now he hardly goes out there. We used to sit out there every morning and share breakfast, tea and toast, it hasn't happened for months now. because of the laser attacks. Some very clear photos coming of that.

Every time I tried to come back into my home last night and throught the early hours of the morning I would walk into the kitchen and that was as far as I could get, I wanted a coffee, got told, "If you want a coffee ask me" you joke. I had to leave the room straight away, my heart was pounding and hurting and started to pass out. You couldn't breathe, it is NO panic attack and I am definately not claustrophobic in my own home. The week before I finally got chemical pneumonia both my dog and I had been vomitting every single day. I have heard scraping sounds under my floorboards right next to the adjoining wall from next door. 7.19pm last night I heard something drop in my ceiling and got told "see how long you can stay in there now." By 7.30pm I was outside with my dog, it was impossible to breathe inside. My mouth was very furry and dry, my dog had to keep drinking water, something I normally have to force him to do.
"You're not staying here, you're not moving, you're just going to lay down and die". This was said to me. Who the hell does this TRASH think they are.
The photo of my curtains shows two laser burns into them, they definately weren't there when I got them. The photo of my dog shows a laser pointed at him, I have some others which shows them into his eyes. I will put them on. The one at night, there was NO light whatsoever, I went out to see what was going on as had been getting hit and burnt on the head, I have photos of lasers on my back blinds as well which will put on. The photo of my computer room I took one night when the heat and hissing going on was incredible, this is what came out, no filters or anything is used.

I will be continuing the blog a bit later with some more videos photos of the results of this gangstalking.